Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Dragon Engine

Review copy provided via NetGallery in exchange for an honest review

Summary The Dragon Engine

Five noble war heroes of Vagandrak get drunk one night and sign a contract – to journey to the Karamakkos in search of the Five Havens where, it is written, there is untold, abandoned wealth and, more importantly, the three Dragon Heads – jewels claimed to give unspeakable power and everlasting life to those who wield them.

But the Dragon Heads aren't what they think, and the world has not encountered their like in generations!
Think Smaug was fierce? You ain't seen nothing!


Wow, Andy brings together two of the great writers Tolkien and Martin. Like Tolkien and Martin, you are put right in the story like you are watching a movie, yet you feel the emotions as if they were your own. I love it when an author can make you see and feel. I now have a favorite analogy Minutes flowed into hours, and time slipped by like a water snake through lilies. The flow of the story plot was perfect; the Characters are complex, yet believable. I didnt see any grammatical or punctuation errors, which tells me the writer and the editors took their time to make sure this is a finished product and not something that was rushed just to get it out there for the public to read like so many of the books today.

I so look forward to reading the rest of this series as they are released. Like with Martin and Tolkien, you dont become just one of the characters, but a bit of each of them.  Tolkien was my favorite author from age 12 up until a few years ago when I was introduced to Martin, and now Andy has me sitting one the edge of my seat waiting for the next book to come out.


Would I recommend this book to others? YES

Would I read more books from this Author? YES

This is a full-length novel I cant say if its over priced or not since I received this advance copy for my review, but any book of this caliber is priceless, and Id buy no matter the cost.  I might have to save since I have a monthly budget for my books.  I spend most of my days reading and writing as I dream of becoming an Author like all those I read.

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