Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Alpha's Hunger

Review copy provided via NetGallery in exchange for an honest review


Lying on the floor of her cubicle to stave off a migraine while working late, the last thing Ashley Bell expected was to open her eyes and find the company's notoriously hard-assed owner and CEO, Ben Stone, standing over her. The offer of a ride home is a bigger surprise, but the biggest shock of all comes when Ben asks her to work for him as his personal assistant.

Despite some misgivings about his intentions, Ashley accepts the position, but she has barely started the job when a phone call turns her life on its head. Her twin sister has been kidnapped, and the price for her life is Ashley's help in a secret plot to destroy Ben's company. But she soon discovers that Ben has a far more terrifying secret of his own.

From the moment he first crossed paths with Ashley, the beautiful young human from marketing, Ben has been consumed by her. When her life is threatened by his enemies he casts aside caution and fights with the rage of a beast defending his mate. Not sure he can trust her, yet determined to protect her, Ben kidnaps Ashley, planning to keep her under his watch for as long as necessary.

Ashley is none too happy with the situation, but a hard bare-bottom spanking changes her attitude... and leaves her begging for more. Though Ben knows a human girl is no match for the fearsome lusts of an alpha wolf, she ignites in him a hunger he can barely contain. Can he resist the urge to mark her as his own and take her harder than she can imagine?

Review:  Three Star

The development of the characters is flawless. You fall for Stone from the moment he is introduced if you're into the strong I'm in control type guy. Ashley's character is very believable and you feel her pain and frustration of  the events going on around her.

Now here is why it's only a three star and not four or five. In chapter 2 we are introduced to Mark Ruhl and we are told he works for the DEA then in Chapter 10 he is displaying a FBI badge.   In  a story that is about 100 pages long to have an error this major ruins the whole story for me.

Up until this point I would have given this story a four star as it's very rear for me to give a short story a five star review. If you can over look this error then this story is a very well written story.


This is a short story, so I feel it's way over priced and I'd would never pay that much for a book which cost more than four dollars. To me short stories should never cost more than three dollars.
Will I recommend this to my friends no, because of the major error.