Friday, May 26, 2017

One Taste of Angel (Iron Norsemen MC #1)

One Taste of Angel (Iron Norsemen MC #1)
By Violetta Rand

A woman assumes a new identity to escape danger, but she returns home for a night of passion with the very man she fled to protect.

Yah! a book that finally caught my attention. I love this author and enjoyed her historical romances. I think this is her first foray to MC.

I loved the storyline. It kept you guessing on how it was all going to pan out. 

I like Serafina. She was tough and strong even when it cost her love. She risked so much to keep everyone safe.

Eagle was interesting. He was commanding enough but not a enough to be a jerk. I didn't like his reaction to things at first, but I think that it was a natural reaction. We react by what we feel at times without thinking. So a very real reaction. He is dirty!

The sexy times are hot. 

It did speed up and was a tad rushed at the end. We got to meet the new enforcer at the end...interesting

Received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley.