Friday, January 27, 2017

Princess of Fire (Fire #1)

Princess of Fire (Fire #1)
By Heather Graham



The mighty Norman warrior destined for greatness—forced to take sides in a bloody battle for power and glory...


The willful Saxon princess born into a land divided by blackest treachery—fighting for her life against the despised Norman invaders...

He would rescue her from certain death. And she would flee, determined to resist this seductive enemy who vowed to conquer her with a passion that would turn her heart to fire...


I really enjoyed this book after I stopped being confused.  The first chapters are present time then jumps to the past.  I wanted to skip over their history to jump back into the story.  I think the story should have just started at the past.  Less confusion and the read would pay more attention and just want to get back to the story

There were points in the story where I wanted to kill both the hero and the heroine.  Both were so stubborn and prideful.  Fallon really irritated me always yearning for the past and not realizing what was in front of her face was so much better.  Alaric was just as bad living in the past and making those in the present suffer for it.

History, action, love and hot sex!  Great combination!  Great writing!  Want to read more!

Received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley.