Thursday, November 3, 2016

Tied to His Betrayal (Dirty Little Secrets, #2)

Tied to His Betrayal (Dirty Little Secrets, #2)
By: Stacey Kennedy

Darius Bennett can’t live without supreme control. A self-made billionaire, he’s rich enough to get anything—and any woman—he wants, yet he’s still haunted by a broken relationship. Five years ago, Darius let Taylor Erikson go because he knew he could never give her what she truly wanted: his heart. But the moment Taylor walks back into his life, bruised and beaten, Darius blames himself. To make good on his betrayal, he vows to help her heal—in and out of the sheets.
Once upon a time, Darius was Taylor’s world. Now his fierce embrace is exactly what she needs to get back on her feet. But Taylor pays a heavy price for her sizzling nights with Darius. As the emotional ties become stronger than ever and the paparazzi hunt her down for their next juicy story, Taylor must face some hard truths. They can’t go back. And to move forward, the key to loving Darius isn’t about keeping his secrets—it’s about exposing them.

This picked up literally where the last book ended. I liked it, but I am conflicted about it. I just couldn't get into Darrius' character. I felt he was a spoiled neglected rich kid who paid too much attention to what others thought about him. And for someone who could see how cruel and evil his father was he still believed everything he said. The way his father treated Allie said it all and I don't understand why that didn't open his eyes in the first place! I really couldn't see how all his actions meant he loved Taylor. He just seemed to be doing all for himself. 

I loved Taylor though and I admire her for the journey she went on to find herself. I did almost get to the point where I wanted her not to be with Darrius. Allie and Micah are still going strong. Allie was giving out advice left and right. The story left much up in the air and again the third book is set up to go.

I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley for a honest review