Friday, June 16, 2017

Chasing Wicked (Wicked Series, #1)

Chasing Wicked (Wicked Series, #1)
By Kathryn L. James

Stone Mitchell was and always will be toxic.
I’d had a taste and it nearly killed me. Now, I knew better than to bite the apple.
He’d betrayed me in the worst imaginable way possible.
Six years later, I found myself riding out a dangerous storm with the cheating bastard.
Truths are uncovered. Deception unfolds. Passion ignites and chemistry explodes.
Adding to the drama? I hold a secret that’s unforgivable. I’m the one that ruined our second chance.
Yet, it’s Stone that comes for me with a vengeance.
He’s wicked. He’s wicked ruthless. Pure wicked sin.
…and I want another taste.

Woah.... can you say drama or can you say drama?!? This made my head spin! I couldn't put this down and just had to keep reading to see what was going to happen,

I can't say too much or it will ruin the story. The storyline keeps you reading lots of twist and turns. We have affairs, blackmail, scandal, love, mental health issues, kidnapping, serial killers, jail time, family issues, and lots of HOT sex! Steamy sex! Yes all f this is one book!

Loved Stone he got on my nerves with his wishy washy behavior. Avery was on tough cookie, but her choices bit her in the butt, she should be very grateful that people are forgiving.

Great read, I would like to check out the next installment!

Received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley!