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Repo (The Henchmen MC, #4)

Repo (The Henchmen MC, #4)
By Jessica Gadziala


In concept, the plan was simple: prospect at The Henchmen MC. In practice, however, it was anything but. One, because I was a woman. Two, because it was a brotherhood. And three, because Repo, the man who was in charge of making my life a living hell until I quit or screwed up enough to get thrown out, also happened to be the hottest guy I had come across in ages.

The problem was, if I didn't get in and stay in despite the hazing from the members and the undeniable attraction building between me and Repo, there was a very good chance I would be found by them. And if I was found by them, well, I was dead.


How the hell was I supposed to get her out of the MC when, one, I didn't agree with the fact that because she was a woman, she had no place in The Henchmen. Two, because she was strong, smart, capable, and determined to get a patch. And three, because, well, I wanted her.

The problem was, if I didn't get her kicked out, I would be screwing up a job that was important to the prez. But the problem was also that if I kicked her out, there was no way I was going to get a shot with her.

I didn't know, however, that the real problem was a lot more complicated and a lot more dangerous than disappointing my boss or not getting laid... the problem was Maze had demons and they were hot on her trail...

Well I just sat and read this till it was done. Didn't put it down and definitely didn't clean my house!

Great read! Wow I thought Wolf was the best in the series, I think this one may have taken the cake!

Maze! She was so awesome(hate that word). She faced adversity and realized what she needed to do to survive. I like how she didn't really take the crap they dealt out. Always with a smart retort. Her back story was interesting and she was built up nicely. She had a crap load of bad luck! I love a woman that can kick some ass yet can be vulnerable too.

Repo, well he was not my favorite. I know he had loyality issues, but to be so mean to her and I know he was kind to her at times, but he did make me mad. I know they had their reasons, but they all were brought down a step or two in my eyes with what they did. I hate when men do that to a woman who has truly earned everything and were better then the rest and still not get treated fairly. It burns my butt. I know they "compromised" but to me it was a cheesy way out. Repo's backstory was good too. He had been through a great deal. Still can't love love him...

Again the author brings out lots of emotion and you get invested in the characters! A sign of a gifted author who knows how to tell a story! BRAVO!

The hotness is there, loads of it. Sexy as ever and very creative places! Loved K! Want a story about him for sure! The Russian guy was a trip too! Visits from everyone from the other books and an ending that leads from more to come!

Great read..again once you pick it up just mark your day as over because you won't stop till you are done!

Saving Axe (Inferno Motorcycle Club, #2)

Saving Axe (Inferno Motorcycle Club, #2)
By Sabrina Paige

Sometimes you have to lose everything to find the one person who can save you.

Ex-Marine Corps sniper Axe turned his back on everything he loved when he became the Sergeant-at-Arms for the Inferno MC. The fallen hero was determined to drown out the ghosts of war with an unrelenting path of self-destruction. He had no plans to set foot in his hometown of West Bend, Colorado again.

Until the Inferno MC betrayed him. Now, there is nowhere left for him to run, except back to his father's ranch. Where he would come face to face with her.

She was the last person he ever thought he'd see again, after an unspeakable childhood tragedy ripped them apart. June Barton.

She was his first love, but now she's all grown up. The Navy surgeon gave up her scalpel to return home, tired of losing her patients to war. All she wants is peace and quiet, but when Axe shows up, he turns everything upside down.

Can two broken and damaged people get a second chance at happiness? And when the Inferno MC commits the ultimate betrayal, will Axe's need for vengeance destroy his soul - or could June be his salvation?


As I wipe the tears that are falling down my face, I will try to review this heart wrenching book.

I think this is the best book I have read from this author! Wow!

Axe(Cade) touched my heart in so many ways. He felt he was a terrible person and he was far from it. A war hero, suffering PTSD just needing a place to fit in a reason to keep going. War does terrible things that we can't always see in a person. Cade has been through hell and back. His dad is very judgmental at first, but comes around to really see his son for the man he is. They have a very touching father/son moment. For all that Cade has done you can see his progression from Axe back to Cade. He is sexy as hell too!

June also has her issues. She too suffers from PTSD and is looking for a place to land. I like her because she is totally honest with herself from the minute we meet her in the book. Strong woman. Her past with Cade comes back and their undeniable pull comes back tenfold. I like that she stands up for herself and tells Cade exactly how it is for her. She does get a tad mean with him, but he does the same to her. Loved her!

Now if you are looking for a whole bunch of sex not going to get that. This is pure story with some hotness. Not your average MC story. No instant back in each other's arms. The characters are developed well and bring out you emotions like you are in the story. A true sign of a wondefully skilled author. This takes a dark turn and wrenches your heart. I cried through the last 20% or so. Have your tissues ready.

Enjoy! I did! I am off to the last installment.

Friday, June 3, 2016

The Billionaire Bachelor (Billionaire Bad Boys #1)

The Billionaire Bachelor (Billionaire Bad Boys #1)
By Jessica Lemmon

Indecent Proposal

Manwhore. That's what the board of directors-and the tabloids-thinks of billionaire bachelor Reese Crane. Ordinarily he couldn't care less, but his playboy past is preventing the board from naming him CEO of Crane Hotels. Nothing-and no one-will keep him from his life's legacy. They want a settled man to lead the company? Then that's exactly what he'll give them.

Merina Van Heusen will do anything to get her parents' funky boutique hotel back-even marry cold-as-ice-but-sexy-as-hell Reese Crane. It's a simple business contract-six months of marriage, absolute secrecy, and the Van Heusen is all hers again. But when sparks fly between them, their passion quickly moves from the boardroom to the bedroom. And soon Merina is living her worst nightmare: falling in love with her husband . . .

I would say 4 1/2 stars. I didn't think I would like this at all when I started and I was pleasantly surprised when it picked up and I couldn't put it down. I almost looked ahead to see what would happen because I couldn't wait.

It started off cliche at first and I was like I have so read this kind of story before, but then I started really liking Merina. She is a complex woman with great intelligence and witty one liners! She had her heart broken, but was springing back. I loved her passion for life and her no excuse answers. She was vulnerable too and I think that is what made her so real and likable. Fantastic character!

Reese took a great deal to like. He is such an emo! I thought Edward Cullen was emo, Reese has nothing on him at all. Yes he has had heartache and tragedy in his life, but he just doesn't know how to handle it at all. He is always inside his head and making choices without consulting the person the choices were about and shutting down his true feelings. Cold hearted at times and bitter about life. Blind to see how good he had it and continuing to live in the past. Emo!!!!! Thank goodness Merina shakes his life up!

Great sweet read! I enjoyed it. I would definitely like to read about Reese's brother Tag in the next book.

Recieved an ARC from the publisher through NetGalley for a honest review.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

MacLean's Passion, Highland Pride, #2)

MacLean's Passion, Highland Pride, #2)
By Sharon Cullen

Colin MacLean has always felt like a black sheep—especially after his brothers are slain before his eyes in the Battle of Culloden. A smuggler by trade, Colin makes for an embarrassing chieftain. He can’t even save his friends from their British pursuers without getting himself captured. But before he is martyred by the hangman’s noose, Colin escapes with his cellmate, a brave lad he’s come to admire. It’s only in the depths of the Highlands that Colin discovers the lad is a lass—and a bonnie one at that.
Raised by her older brothers, Maggie Sinclair can drink a pint in no time flat and wield a dagger with the best of ’em. Still, men have always excluded her and women have always shunned her. Colin makes her feel different. His wild spirit and rugged good looks have Maggie reconsidering her less than ladylike ways. For the first time, she’s tempted to put on a gown, just to see how Colin would react. She can only imagine what might happen next: a kiss . . . a touch . . . and perhaps enough sultry heat to melt a cold Highland night.

Another great book from Ms Cullen. I read till it was done had to find out what would happen. 

Maggie was a great character and she made the story actually she over took the story from Colin. She was determined and strong yet wanted to be loved and accepted. She was a woman beyond her time. Maggie definitely broke the mold! I did like that Colin never tried to change her and respected her for who she was not what she should be. 

I know Colin had guilt and remorse, but sometimes his self loathing got on my nerves. Maggie never stopped believing in him and supporting him. Just another way she stole the story.

Good historical read. The next installment I think will be good too. 

Received an ARC from the publisher through NetGalley for a honest review.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Taming Blaze (Inferno Motorcycle Club, #1)

Taming Blaze (Inferno Motorcycle Club, #1)
By Sabrina Paige

A chance encounter would ignite a spark. Fate would fan the flame.

Dani doesn't believe in love. She knows that love only leads to heartache, like the murder of her mother when she was just fourteen. Besides, dating is tough when your dad is one of the most powerful crime bosses on the West Coast.

So instead of relationships, Dani believes in one night stands. But when a casual fling goes frighteningly wrong, she runs home to the only person she knows will protect her - her father.

She doesn't make it. Dani's stranded on the side of the road with no one to help her. Except Blaze.

Blaze has been through hell and back. Raised by his junkie mom, the Inferno MC is the only real family he's ever known. As their jaded Vice President, he'd do anything to protect the club.

When fate throws them together, sparks fly.Their attraction is undeniable, but can this jaded and broken pair find happiness? Or will Dani's family secrets tear everything down, including the MC?

Good read. It had everything you can ask for: hot sexy sweet guy, strong independent woman, biker club, hot steamy sex, plot twists, danger, love, and more to come!

Blaze is one hot piece of man. I liked him and he wasn't the cliche biker guy. He has deep thoughts that made him more likable and sexy. When he is first introduced you think total ass, but thank goodness it doesn't stay that way at all.

Dani is something else. She takes what she wants for sure no holds barred. She takes some twists and turns for her to get it together but she does. She is one vengeful chick!! Hot sex on a convertible too!

It does have a great deal of hotness so be aware. The plot is good though so don't worry too much.

On to the next. Enjoy,

Shifters of Shadow Falls Collection (Books 1-3)

Shifters of Shadow Falls Collection (Books 1-3)
By Crystal L. Shaw

Shifters of Shadow Falls Bundle - contains All three books in the serial. 

This serial follows three intertwined insta-love sexy, alpha werewolf tales. 

Every year Shadow Falls offers its young women to the werewolf shifters in exchange for the town's protection -- there’s no refusal. 

Ariana and Lizie grew up relying only on each other, finding their confidence and happiness in one another. Today of all days, they’re relying on each other for strength. Today they are being presented to the Shadow Falls werewolf pack. It’s law; Ariana and Lizzie have no choice. The werewolves haven't taken anyone in decades and the pair were sure this year would be no different. But as the day dawns, Ariana can't shake the uneasy feeling that something isn't right. 

Devin, the Alpha, may keep his emotions in check when it comes to his pack, but he can’t help the grin pulling at his lips when he sees his mate. His confident, strong-willed mate, Ariana, doesn’t bow to anyone, but he’s determined to win her over. 

Betas Caleb and Dom have an even harder battle to fight with their shared mate. Lizie may seem wild and feisty, but she’s terrified and for good reason. They have no idea that their mate has a secret she’s been hiding for years. A secret so dark, she’s never told a soul. But there’s nothing she can hide from her mates. 

Meanwhile, Veronica has thrived with control and aggression. The badass vampire keeps everyone at a distance – for good reason. Yet her mate seems to think it’s all a game and that her past isn’t dictating Veronica’s behavior. She has to give up control to let him claim her, but how will Vince, her sweet, obedient pup (who’s really a barely-tamed, massive, hulking beast) react when he discovers her control has been a guise for her pain? 


Offered to the Werewoles - I really don't know how I feel about this segment. The males go from sweet and caring to over the top dominant that tip toes on abuse. The sex is hot and the storyline is interesting. I don't know where my feelings lie. I am on to the next part

Taken by Werewolves- again I am at a quandary why I am reading this. Again I have issues with the treatment of the women. I am into kink, but not pain kink. Rough sex can be hot, but they seem to go over the top again riding that fine line of nonacceptable. I know someone will say that the mates said they loved it. Not my thing at all. The storyline is interesting about the vampires. I guess I will finish.

Claimed by Werewolves- kinda the last installment but not really. The vamp storyline wraps up. Again I question everything. The women seem to have no story they are just there for sex whenever and wherever. 

I wanted to like this series, but I can say I am out. Not my thing. I would have to say about 2 1/2 stars. Not my thing.

Killian (West Bend Saints, #4)

Killian (West Bend Saints, #4)
By Sabrina Paige


I live life on my own terms. That means alone. I like my solitude, and that's not going to change.


A woman like Lily Grant? Yeah, right. She talks too much and has too many opinions. And that kid of hers might be more of a smart-mouth than she is.


If I were a better man, I’d walk away. But once I taste her sweet lips, I want to possess every inch of her.


The woman is mine. Even if she doesn’t know it. 


Killian Saint is wild and untamed, gruff and solitary, an arrogant loner from a family that people in West Bend say is no good.


I should know better. A man like Killian should have no part of my life, not with a kid to raise and a bakery to run.


Not even if the way his hands feel, rough against my skin, sets every part of my body on fire. Not even if the dirty things he whispers into my ear leave me so on edge I can’t think about anything but his lips on mine. 


Everything about Killian is wrong.

The problem is, nothing has ever felt so right.

Sweet ending to the series. 

Killian is a sweet his tongue in cheek comments. Dirty talking alpha male. Lily is a tough cookies too. Some bumps in the road for these two but they work it out. 

Like how all the brothers get their HEAs. 

Sweet sext series! Enjoy

Luke (West Bend Saints, #3)

Luke (West Bend Saints, #3)
By Sabrina Paige

Luke Saint

F**k being good. I won’t be tamed.

There are three things in life I’m damn good at: f**king, jumping out of planes, and chasing forest fires.

Settle down? Yeah, right. And definitely not with someone like Autumn Mayburn. She's uptight, smart-mouthed, and hell, she has a kid.

Did I mention she’s ten years older than me? There are a million reasons I shouldn't touch her.

F**k all of those reasons.

The single mom with the smokin’ hot body and the sass to match is going to be mine.

Autumn Mayburn

There’s nothing on this earth I despise more than a bad boy. Especially an infuriatingly cocky, womanizing, oozes-sex-from-every-pore bad boy.

I’m a mom. A businesswoman. I have responsibilities. The last thing I need is to get laid and played by Luke Saint.

He thinks that just because he saved my orchard from a fire, he can tell me how to run it.

He thinks he knows what I need, what I crave.

The problem is, I think he might be right.

I like this one the best! I loved Luke and Autumn was a tough lady.

Lots of hot loving and this time a good storyline to match. The older woman was an interesting twist with this brother. 

Jane and Cade are just a matchmaking couple. After I finish the Saint brothers I am off to read their story! 

Great sweet read!

Silas (West Bend Saints, #2)

Silas (West Bend Saints, #2)
By Sabrina Paige

Call me Robin Hood.
I’m a grifter. A con artist.
I don’t steal from the rich. I take from the worst of the worst, the people who deserve to be hustled.
I have two rules - keep moving and never fall in love.
I only ever thought about breaking them for one boy. And that boy just walked right back into my life, a ghost from the past. Silas Saint.
Now he’s a man. Arrogant and sexy as f**k, he’s sure as hell not the person I fell in love with, a lifetime ago.
But when he touches me, it’s enough to make me forget my own name. He makes me want to break all my rules.

I’ve been fighting as long as I could remember. Sh**, I think I came out of the womb swinging. I even tried to go legit until trouble sent me out of Las Vegas and back to West Bend.
I never expected a different kind of trouble to come waltzing back into my life, all curves and tattoos and sass. Tempest Wilde.
Any idea what “tempest” means? A violent f**cking windstorm. That’s s**t I don’t need.
I loved her once, a lifetime ago. Before I knew better.
Love is for suckers, and I’m sure as hell not a sucker.
But the way she looks at me? It makes me want to give her everything I have.


Well it's somewhere between 3 1/2 and 4. 

Sweet quick read. They are dragging out the mystery of the land they own and why someone wants to kill for it.

Tempest is cool and she very interesting. I am glad she didn't run and lasted the distance.

Silas is hot and sexy! He sure know how to get what he wants and damn the man has stamina. I could go for that.

The only thing that bothered me was all the sex...yes I did say that! Hopefully I don't get struck by lightning for saying that. It just seemed like all they did was have sexy and not really talk. Just kinda annoyed me.

Love that we got to hear from River and Silas!

On to the next book. Good read.

Elias (West Bend Saints, #1)

Elias (West Bend Saints, #1)
By Sabrina Paige


Call me Cinderella. I’m a rags to riches story - girl from trailer park becomes Hollywood starlet. And I’m about to get my happy ever after. 

That is, until I walk in to my house, three hours before my wedding, to find my rock star fiance sticking his c**k down my sister's throat. 

With cameras behind me, filming. 

I’m running from the whole humiliating thing. I’m not prepared to run straight into him- Elias Saint. 

He’s completely wrong for me- damaged, dirty, and demanding. 

But once he touches me, I can’t walk away. 


Some people carry their wounds on the inside. Every f**cking step I take, I’m reminded of mine. 

I lost my leg in Afghanistan. Since then, I’ve just been lost. 

Now I’m going back to West Bend, Colorado, the place my brothers and I ran like hell to get away from. 

And she’s hitched a ride- River Andrews. 

A f**cking movie star. 

This isn’t a fairytale. Happy endings don’t exist. And I’m no f**ing Prince Charming. 

But, for her, there’s a chance I might be. 

I read this as part of the last book Killian, it contained all the books for a limited time.  You still might be able to buy it with all the books.  Check it out.

What a pleasant surprise. A nice sweet read. I really enjoyed it couldn't put it down till I finished.

River was something else. What a hard life. We always think being an actress is just all bells and whistles, but it is far from it. Lots of underhanded crap goes on. River got it all and even more before she got there. I am glad she grew and found herself and did what she wanted.

Elias was straight up sexy! HOT! Loved him and his straight to the point talk! Damn is he hot in bed! Lucky River! Sweet guy lots of pain for him too, glad he got it together too!

Great short read. I am on to the next brother!