Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Killian (West Bend Saints, #4)

Killian (West Bend Saints, #4)
By Sabrina Paige


I live life on my own terms. That means alone. I like my solitude, and that's not going to change.


A woman like Lily Grant? Yeah, right. She talks too much and has too many opinions. And that kid of hers might be more of a smart-mouth than she is.


If I were a better man, I’d walk away. But once I taste her sweet lips, I want to possess every inch of her.


The woman is mine. Even if she doesn’t know it. 


Killian Saint is wild and untamed, gruff and solitary, an arrogant loner from a family that people in West Bend say is no good.


I should know better. A man like Killian should have no part of my life, not with a kid to raise and a bakery to run.


Not even if the way his hands feel, rough against my skin, sets every part of my body on fire. Not even if the dirty things he whispers into my ear leave me so on edge I can’t think about anything but his lips on mine. 


Everything about Killian is wrong.

The problem is, nothing has ever felt so right.

Sweet ending to the series. 

Killian is a sweet his tongue in cheek comments. Dirty talking alpha male. Lily is a tough cookies too. Some bumps in the road for these two but they work it out. 

Like how all the brothers get their HEAs. 

Sweet sext series! Enjoy

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