Saturday, May 6, 2017

Kiss of the Irish

Kiss of the Irish
By Lauren Hawkeye

If Sarah Mercer had ever been asked to describe herself in one word, it would be sensible. After all, she had a steady job. Made prudent decisions. Was in what she though was a logical relationship. But when her fiance dumps her for an exotic dancer, Sarah decides it’s time to change…everything! The first thing on her agenda? To get out of town and take a three month trip to Ireland. She’d always been captivated by the Emerald Isle. And she’d heard that there was nothing like an Irishman with a sexy accent and eyes as devastatingly green as the country’s rolling hills to make a girl feel better.

But maybe she shouldn’t have hooked up with her new landlord on the first night in town. Cian Murphy wasn’t supposed to be her type. His arms and chest were tattooed, and he had piercings everywhere. Still, he made her feel beautiful, sexy…alive for the first time in years. Falling for the Irish hottie was as natural as breathing. But figuring out what she’d do when it came time to leave? Not so easy...

Sweet little read about finding yourself and finding love!

I definitely want my own Cian. He was freaking HOT. Darn and then on top of that a really sweet guy.

Sarah was sweet, but started off such a lost soul. She sure let people tell her what to do and just went with the flow. Her progression in the book to a strong know what I want woman was really played out well and enjoyable.

Cian's sister and her friend were great side characters and helped roll the story along. The Wild Irish played a big part too.

Sweet heartwarming sexy read with little drama and lots of heart. This book isn't rocket science or life changing, but it is a sweet escape!

Received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley. thanks!