Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Deny (Jericho,Brotherhood, #3)

Deny (Jericho Brotherhood, #3)
By Jade Chandler

In the third installment of Jade Chandler's down-and-dirty Jericho Brotherhood motorcycle club series, two hard cases deny the beyond-carnal bond that forms between them…until it's almost too late 

When we f*ck I forget my name, but I never planned to love her. 

I never thought I'd make her my old lady. 

From our very first scene, we've been fighting for control. She's the one woman who can bring me to my knees, make me beg. Make me feel. 

Now I need to give it all up to save her. 

Fury is my weapon when I confront the enemies bold enough to lay hands on my gorgeous Marr. Raw rage is what's fueling my fight against the ones who want to end everything the Brotherhood stands for. 

We're on the brink of war and I will burn this club to the ground before I let them hurt my woman again. 

I am not sure how I feel about this addition to the series. I had a really hard time getting into the story. It was not the writing or the character development, I think it maybe that I never liked Jericho so I just couldn't really like his story. Plus I don't get into pain. It is not for me and does nothing for me. I can handle restraints and all the other kink, but whips, rods, crops, paddles.....not for me. There is a great deal of kink in the story that is all about pain.

I liked Marr but at times she was just too aggressive. She had a great deal of insecurities. I think we needed a tad more of her backstory to truly love her. She sure knew how to beat the crap out of someone for sure. My girl Avery was involved and I loved her again.

Jericho....still not thrilled with him. He is his arrogant self, but he is fighting for his President title. He does try and set things right.

The plot seemed to drag a tad and there was a ton of sex...a ton. It really picked up at the end and I couldn't put it down. I did have an issue at the end though. I just don't get I love you, but let's have sex with other people. That is just a big no in my book.

So I am really conflicted on how I feel about the whole story. I guess a 3 1/2.

Received an ARC from the publisher through NetGalley for a honest review.