Friday, November 20, 2015

Avenge (Abuse, #3)

Avenge (Abuse, #3)
By Nikki Sex


Grant Wilkinson, the scarred and decorated war hero, has always seen himself as a monster. He's finally getting his life on track by embracing the help of Renata Koreman, the equally damaged self-proclaimed mouse.

Together, they address their inner demons amidst a backdrop of secrets, scandal, murder and abuse. AVENGE is a satisfying conclusion to the ABUSE trilogy, full of healing, twists, turns and surprises. 


We finally get the ending and what an ending it was. I think have never shed so many tears over a book in my life. My husband thought I was insane. It was a great ending to the wonderful series. I only gave it four stars because it tended to drag in the middle and I really wanted it to get to the point.

It sadness me that this book is not just fiction in some ways. There is so much evil out there and they prey on young children. It is so sad that the abuse one suffers at an early age can just wreck your whole life unless you deal with it. The whole family had issues that they suppressed and the results were disastrous. I am glad the author showed how the victim is just that a victim. They are not to blame and should be ashamed. I like how she gave us the whole spectrum of victim to show how each person deals with things in a different way. I also liked how she showed how standing up to the abuse can make a difference in so many ways.

Even though this was a very deep, deep topic, the author let the love shine through in the story. Grant and Renata re wonderful together and balance each other out. Their story is touching and beautiful. You can see how much they have grown from the first book and how much they love each other. They really show how a relationship should be: honest, beautiful, hot, and full of love. They are wonderful!!!

This was a touching ending to the other three books. It truly made you think and understand in so many ways. This is not for the faint of heart. This book is very dark at times, but the author let the characters see the light which makes it very uplifting and positive. In the world to day that is very important.

This was a great series of books, but you do have to read them all to understand everything. It is well worth it and it will touch you.