Thursday, August 25, 2016

Key to Love

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Summary: Key to Love

When architect Elise Springer's father is injured, she immediately leaves San Francisco to care for him. The last person she expects to encounter in her Pennsylvania hometown is her childhood friend Lucas Fisher. Lucas is investigating his brother's mysterious death, and Elise can't resist lending a hand. Lucas longs for the close family ties he never had. He's back in Scranton to set up a classic car restoration business and build a future. The torch he carries for Elise burns brighter than ever, but before he can declare his love, he must obtain the legal rights to adopt his nephew--and prove his brother's death was no accident. As they unearth clues to find the murderer and a missing stash of money, Elise faces a dilemma. Is her career on the West Coast the key to her happiness, or is it an animal-cracker-eating four-year-old and his handsome uncle instead?


This was a very heart touching story, which feels real. The flow is perfection. The author captured the emotions of each person she wrote about. From the very first page, you are sucked into this book and can’t put it down.

The editing is well down; I didn’t come across any grammatical errors, which to me ruins a book. The plot is well-developed and complete. This book would make a wonderful movie.


Would I recommend this book to others? YES

Would I read other books written by this Author? YES

Is this book a Novel or Novella? Novel

Is this book priced correctly? It depends on if you’re a budget buyer or not. If you’re a budget buyer, it’s over priced.  As someone who lives on a fixed income, I won’t pay the prices for this book as paperback or e-book. Yes, it’s worth the money, but if I hadn’t gotten this book for free from my review, I would have never bought it to read, as I look for bargain priced books. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Where the Sun Hides (Seasons of Betrayal, #1)

Where the Sun Hides (Seasons of Betrayal, #1)
by Bethany-Kris

In places where the sun can hide, the darkest betrayals are made.
Violet Gallucci and Kazimir Markovic have grown up in the same city, but on opposite sides of the game they call life—Violet, an Italian principessa della mafia, and Kaz, a Russian Bratva heir. Lines have been drawn, and they know not to cross them.
Their paths crossed once, a long time ago, but when they meet again, the territory and rules set out by their families that have kept them separated seem to bleed away.
She's more than her last name …
He’s more than a Russian … 
But secrets from the past—and the people determined to keep them hidden—have other plans for Violet and Kaz.
Rival families.
One city.
Star-crossed lovers.
They should be enemies.
It could mean war.
This is just the beginning …

Oh man...another series I am addicted to. 

This was REALLY good. I couldn't put it down. Violet did get on my nerves a tad at time with her unwillingness to see what is rally happening in front of her face. She is a tad rich spoiled girl. 

Kaz...oh my.....I LOVE him. I really like his character and he is darn HOT! He I hope will get what he wants once he is free.

I am way worried how this is going to end. Everything seems against them especially their fathers. There is something bigger going on. Kaz is right them together would stop all the fuss between the families but it still is a no go!

I am sooo going to read the other two books! I love these authors!

Destined for a King (Bastard Brotherhood, #1)

Destined for a King (Bastard Brotherhood, #1)
By Ashlyn Macnamara

Though she is intended for the king, Calista Thorne picks up a crossbow to defend her ancestral home, Blackbriar Keep, from a gang of landless knights. She even manages to sink a poison-tipped arrow into their commander, who survives long enough to conquer the Keep and claim Calista for his own. Now, with her father’s life at stake, Calista must nurse the brigand back to health, and the strangest thing happens: She finds herself fascinated by his tautly muscled body, and enthralled by his hotly whispered demands.
Ever since his father’s death, the fearsome warrior they call Torch has been consumed by his quest for revenge. Taking Blackbriar Keep is the first step in that plan, and—by the three gods—it won’t be the last. But after taking one look into Calista’s smoldering gray eyes, Torch discovers a passion nobler than retribution. He will fulfill his destiny and take her from the usurper king, even in his weakened state. For with Calista’s love, no man has ever felt more powerful.


It was a good read. Lot's of plot twists and turns. It sometimes got a tad confusing to keep up with it.

I liked Calista she was indeed what every heroine should be strong and independent yet even stronger with the hero by her side.

Torch is a man on a mission. He is strong, sexy and destined to greatness. And he too is strong with his heroine by his side.

It seems like this one is only the beginning of a huge journey. 

I received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley for a honest review

You Don't Know Me

You Don't Know Me
By Georgia LeCarre

I knew Noah Abramovich was trouble the first time our eyes locked. I was sixteen that summer. Sitting by the pool eating an ice-cream I can still remember how it melted over my fingers and dripped onto my thighs as I stared back at him. It wasn't just his Greek god looks, the animalistic Alpha attitude, or his tall, powerful muscled body - it was the aura around him that screamed, Don't fuck with me.

At sixteen I wanted him with the passion of a woman, but mine was a world of unwritten rules. Rules that are worth more than a man's life. I didn't need anyone to tell me that he was everything I could not have.

He never looked at me again, but I watched him from afar. I could tell there were deep secrets that kept his smile hidden. Dark and mysterious he seemed to fear no one, not even my father. A man he should have. One I feared greatly. As the years passed, the afternoon when time stilled became as unreal as a dream.

I am twenty-two now and in six months I will be married to a man my father chose. I will do my duty and bring respectability to my father's dynasty, but before I give myself to that man, I must have a taste of the forbidden. Just one night with the man of my darkest fantasies, so I don't lie on my deathbed, and regret that I never reached out and took the one thing I wanted most in life.
But will it heal or destroy me?

In the Mafia world, your past is never far behind. If you are careless, it seeps into your future and gets you killed. Just when I had fooled myself into believing I'd stepped away from it all, it suddenly appeared in my office.

Tasha Evanoff: She is what original sin must have looked like. Blonde, beautiful, voluptuous, and with secretive sapphire eyes that see right into my tainted soul.
She comes offering one bite of the red apple.

If I had any sense I'd shut the door on her, and send her back to her father, a psychopath of the highest degree. But that's not who I am. If the pretty princess has the courage to walk into the lion's den, I'm sure as fuck not going to pass on a challenge. I'll take one bite of her apple. Why the fuck wouldn't I? I've been lusting after it for years. Right here, right now, she is in my world, and she'll damn well play by my rules.
She thinks everything will go back to what it was before, but I know what she doesn't. You can never have just one night of raw passion. The body will always crave more.
Will she submit to her body's desires or to her father's?

intriguing then the last.

Darn, let me tell you this one is shower inducing go find your significant other freaking HOT! 

Ok there is a plot too and it sure gets twisty and interesting. 

Tasha turned out to be someone I didn't think she would be and I was happy with the outcome. She took what she wanted and found away to keep it. She turned out to be one tough cookie and she did it without her man! Impressive!

Noah is his hot self and isn't going to stop at one night. Oh and a peek at Zane to tie it all. Oh and Shane and Crystal Jake. I am interested in this new character Irish Jack....

Enjoy a great action packed, short, hot, sexy read!

Ghost ( Boston Underworld, #3)

Ghost (Boston Underworld, #3)
By A. Zavarelli

I have always been a bird. Caged by one prison or another when the only thing I ever wanted was to fly away.
Sold. Beaten. Starved. Drugged.
Nothing scares me anymore.
Until him.
He makes the numbness go away.
He is hazardous to me. It has nothing to do with his mafia lifestyle, and everything to do with what he offers.
A gilded prison.
A retreat from everything that I once knew. The reality I have no desire to return to.
He thinks he’s caged me, but soon…
I’m going to fly.

I live by a code. The Vory code.
In this mafiya world, there are traditions.
She does not care for these things. She does not care about anything.
She thinks she has me fooled with her haunted eyes.
What she can’t know is that I see her better than most.
She wants to fly.
But I’m going to clip her wings.
And make her my wife.

I guess 4 1/2 starts.... so conflicted.

What an emotional roller coaster. I still haven't gotten off the rush of the book yet. I wanted to give it 5 stars, but after all the couple went through the end seemed to just be rushed. It was total turmoil and then BAM it was done. It kinda rubbed me the wrong way.

This is a very graphic dark story. Bad things happen and some of it just seems unbearable at times and down right depressing, but you read on to see what would happen. I was up all night reading even when I knew I had to get up for work. I could not put it down, I had to see what was going to happen.

Talia.... sigh.... why does so much terrible things have to happen to one person. I felt so bad for her and at times I just wanted her put out of her misery wondering what she really had to live for. Alexei at times was so cruel to her I couldn't comprehend why he was so cruel. He could never really give her want she needed and that was love unconditional love. The author was so talented that when he told her he could never love her, I felt that emotion from her and I just wanted to throw up because of the disappointment and anguish expressed. I know Alexei's issues are the cause of it, but it just was down right cruel. At times you just wanted them to not be together, because they were both their own worst enemies. I hate that she always got betrayed no matter what happened. How sad that you don't trust because you always know it will end.

Alexei.... argh..... sometimes I just wanted to reach through my iPad and kill him. He was just as messed up, but i don't think as damaged as Talia. He was more messed up mentally while Talia was both messed up mentally and physically. He irritated me that he played with her in his own way too and at times was worse then the captors that raped and beat her. He would show how much he cared and lure her in then BAM crush her within a second later. Then he would say he knew he would crush her and he was no good for her. I can't believe what he does at the end to think that with everything Talia did and said he did what he did. It was almost unforgivable and in a way I am glad she did what she did to make him hurt. He deserved it and more.

This book will not be for everyone and again I wanted to give 5 stars, but the ending folded up too nicely and easily for me.

I received a ARC from the author for a honest review. Thank you Ms. Zavarelli.