Format For Critique

Introductory Statement/Synopsis

Did you enjoy reading this book?

·         Briefly explain why reading this book was, or was not, a positive experience for you. 

·        Are there grammatical or punctuation errors, if so explain what they are and how best to correct them. ( Remember to check where author is from, as this plays in how they write and the punctuation they use.)

Body of the Critique

Topics to consider in your critique . . .

(You should pick two of the following four questions and develop each of these selected topics into a full, rich paragraph.)

1.       Characters - Were they interesting and believable? Did you have a favorite? Why was this character special to you? Did the author do a good job of creating the characters in this book?

2.       Was the author able to hold your interest throughout the entire book? How did he or she manage to do this?

3.       Which were your favorite scenes in this book? Explain why you enjoyed them.
4.       What changes, if any, would you have made in this book?
5.       How was the flow of the over all book?

In you concluding paragraph, discuss any of the following topics:

Is this a book you would recommend to your friends? Why or why not?

 Was the book priced correctly?

·        Was it a full length book or Novella?

·        Would you read other books written by this author?