Saturday, January 16, 2016

Wolf on the Run (Salvation Pack, #3)

Wolf on the Run (Salvation Pack, #3)
By NJ Walters

Considered an abomination for her inability to shift, Cherise Michaels has been on the run from her pack since she was a teenager. After her mother is murdered by her former packmates, Cherise is alone, grieving and out of options. Until a dream puts her on course toward her last hope—Salvation, North Carolina.
She makes it to Salvation only to be cornered by her pursuers and then rescued by the biggest, baddest werewolf she’s ever seen.
Cole Blanchard has no trouble dispatching the intruders trespassing on pack land. Convincing their skittish quarry she’s safe is another story. Cole senses she is his mate and he’ll protect her to his last breath, even it means risking everything to face her former pack.
In Cole’s arms, Cherise learns there’s something in this world more powerful than fear—desire and love. She knows loving her is a death sentence for Cole, so she plans to store up a lifetime of memories before she lets him go…
Ok this one had a different story line for the couple in question. It was interesting and quite a twist. Again the characters were well developed and the joining cast was great as always. You know what kinda is going to happen, but you read it like you don't. I know this makes no sense, but it is true. I felt that the other alpha was very weak and his pack cruel. He did nothing. I guess that was the contrast to the Salvation Pack. 

The sex was hot again and lots of chemistry between Cherise and Cole. 

Good read. Again I am a skin flint on price......but I am off to the next book that I already bought.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Wolf in Her Bed (Salvation Pack, #2)

Wolf in Her Bec (Salvation Pack, #2)
By NJ Walters

Anny Conrad is a single thirty-year-old librarian—a cliché complete with two cats. Dragged out to a local bar, she’s rethinking her life plan over a few drinks when a man walks up and asks her to dance. And what a man. Tall, rugged and more than a little untamed. Before she knows it, she’s in his arms and throwing caution to the wind.

With a pack war in full, deadly swing, the last thing Armand LaForge needs right now is a woman in his life, much less a human. But one thing is certain, he’s met his mate, the one woman in the world for him.

The kindest thing to do is give her all the hot sex she wants and then leave her alone. But when the morning comes, fate isn’t done screwing with them. Anny is confronted with the fact that the myths in her library books are real…and now she’s one of them.


Another good read. This one had some twists and turns. Had a sweet alpha male with las dirty talk. The heroine was good and strong. She did some dumb stuff and had to be rescued, but she did fight back. I didn't care for the end. I don't like how everything has to be given up, but others didn't give up anything. This just rubbed me wrong. The sex is hot and steamy. Shower inducing. The characters are endearing and I can't wait for the next one in the pack to find their mate. 

Again I am a cheap book buyer. This again might be a tad over priced. I enjoyed it though and off to spend to get the next one!

Try not to breathe

Review copy provided via NetGallery in exchange for an honest review

Some secrets never die. They're just locked away.

Alex Dale is lost. Destructive habits have cost her a marriage and a journalism career. All she has left is her routine: a morning run until her body aches, then a few hours of forgettable work before the past grabs hold and drags her down. Every day is treading water, every night is drowning. Until Alex discovers Amy Stevenson. Amy Stevenson, who was just another girl from a nearby town until the day she was found after a merciless assault. Amy Stevenson, who has been in a coma for fifteen years, forgotten by the world. Who, unbeknownst to her doctors, remains locked inside her body, conscious but paralyzed, reliving the past.

Soon Alex's routine includes visiting hours at the hospital, then interviews with the original suspects in the attack. But what starts as a reporter's story becomes a personal obsession. How do you solve a crime when the only witness lived, but cannot tell the tale? Unable to tear herself away from uncovering the unspeakable truth, Alex realizes she's not just chasing a story—she's seeking salvation.


It’s been a few days since I finished this book; I had to think on how I was going to write this review.   You see I’ve been known to dabble with writing and wrote Fan Fiction for a few years and one of my stories I wrote in the same format changing the POV each chapter always telling who’s POV and people hated it because of the change each chapter…   I remember all the negative remarks I got and it hurt.  With that said. This story is a WOW it keeps you on your toes and you can’t stop reading until you’ve finished cause you’ve just got to find out is Alex going to be alright, is Amy going to get any better.  Will Jacob and Fiona going to fix their marriage in time for the birth of their baby.

There are so many different things going on, but each chapter is a smooth transition to the next and the over all flow is spot on. I didn’t find two many errors just one. I read the adobe digital edition and so on page 142… “I told Any(AMY) that I was getting married the next week and that I’d always love her but that it wasn’t right for me to keep seeing her as often as I did.  It was an easy one to miss and I forgive the Author and her Editors.


Would you recommend this book to others? YES

Would I read other books by this Author? YES

Is this a Novel or Novella? Novel

Is this book priced correctly? Hardback yes Paperback no I never pay more than 12.99 for a paper back.. Kindle way over priced.  I live on a budget and I stick to it and not over spend on books. I’m so pleased I got to read this book for free, cause it’s worth my time.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wolf at the Door (Salvation Pack, #1)

Wolf at the Door (Salvation Pack, #1)
By NJ Walters

When Gwendolyn Jones inherits a Tennessee cabin from a great aunt she never knew, she quits her job and follows her dream to write full time. Meeting a stranger in a local cemetery isn't a risk she normally takes, but she needs the information on his flash drive for an article she's writing on werewolves. Later that night, when two honest-to-God werewolves come knocking on her cabin door, they're definitely "not" Photoshopped.

Jacque LaForge is on a mission to retrieve a flash drive before it endangers his pack. He never thought he'd find a mate, but the chemistry between him and Gwen is unmistakably off the charts. Now to convince her he's only trying to protect her from his vengeful former pack-led by his own father.

Gwen's first instinct to flee only gets her a smashed car and a concussion. She wakes up in a dangerous new world she never thought existed-and in the arms of the one man who stands between her and certain death.


Good read. 

Couldn't put it down! Had to see what was going to happen. It was a wolf story so somewhat predictable, but very well written. I like all the side characters and can't wait to read their stories too. Jacque was typical alpha male with his dirty talking self. He was deeper though and he had more to say then I want to eat you p*ssy! LOL! Gwen was interesting and a tad hard headed. She liked to put herself in danger instead of being reasonable. Hot sex is also a part of the story. Nothing like a guy who wants you happy first before he gets some!

Good start to the series.

The price is pricy though. I think I may have over paid...I will be reading the next one though. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Wolf's Heart: Bayou Wolves, Book Three

Wolf's Heart: Bayou Wolves, Book Three
By Anne Marsh


To keep the peace between two rival wolf packs, Cajun werewolf Jace Jones agrees to become the alpha of The Breed pack and motorcycle club. There’s just one catch: he needs to mate the former alpha’s daughter and he’s damned certain she hasn’t chosen him. His new mate is sweet and sexy as sin, but she’s also been brutalized by the pack and the last thing she needs is one more wolf in her life. But before he can take his place as leader of the Breed, he’ll have to teach his woman her place… in the club, in his arms, and in his heart.

Werewolf bikers? Pass. Keelie Sue Berard has spent a lifetime trapped in the motorcycle club’s misogynistic world, first as the alpha’s daughter and then as a mate. She’s kept her mouth shut and her head down trying to survive, so she’ll do whatever it takes to walk away free to live her own life. But Jace terrifies her. He protects her. He owns her. And now he wants her…


I had mixed feelings about this one. It was a good story about healing and figuring out what you want in life. You could see both Keelie and Jace grow in the story. The old adage that you have to practice what you preach was the key. I like Jace, but then he irritated me at the same time. I love a dirty talking Alpha male, but as it went on it just kinda got vulgar, like he couldn't say anything worth something only that. His mouth also confused me because he went from this aggressive domineering shifter to some one madly in love. You couldn't tell who was the true person. He talked all about freedoms of choice, but the didn't give her any and yelled mine mine all the time. He was bipolar. He did own up to it and did the right thing, but it was annoying at times. 

It was an alright read pretty predictable. Good easy read.

Received an ARC from NetGalley for a honest review.