Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Wolf's Heart: Bayou Wolves, Book Three

Wolf's Heart: Bayou Wolves, Book Three
By Anne Marsh


To keep the peace between two rival wolf packs, Cajun werewolf Jace Jones agrees to become the alpha of The Breed pack and motorcycle club. There’s just one catch: he needs to mate the former alpha’s daughter and he’s damned certain she hasn’t chosen him. His new mate is sweet and sexy as sin, but she’s also been brutalized by the pack and the last thing she needs is one more wolf in her life. But before he can take his place as leader of the Breed, he’ll have to teach his woman her place… in the club, in his arms, and in his heart.

Werewolf bikers? Pass. Keelie Sue Berard has spent a lifetime trapped in the motorcycle club’s misogynistic world, first as the alpha’s daughter and then as a mate. She’s kept her mouth shut and her head down trying to survive, so she’ll do whatever it takes to walk away free to live her own life. But Jace terrifies her. He protects her. He owns her. And now he wants her…


I had mixed feelings about this one. It was a good story about healing and figuring out what you want in life. You could see both Keelie and Jace grow in the story. The old adage that you have to practice what you preach was the key. I like Jace, but then he irritated me at the same time. I love a dirty talking Alpha male, but as it went on it just kinda got vulgar, like he couldn't say anything worth something only that. His mouth also confused me because he went from this aggressive domineering shifter to some one madly in love. You couldn't tell who was the true person. He talked all about freedoms of choice, but the didn't give her any and yelled mine mine all the time. He was bipolar. He did own up to it and did the right thing, but it was annoying at times. 

It was an alright read pretty predictable. Good easy read.

Received an ARC from NetGalley for a honest review.

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