Friday, October 9, 2015

Searing Ecstasy (The Gaurdians of the Realms #7)

Searing Ecstasy (The Gaurdians of the Realms #7)
By Setta Jay

Drake, the powerful dragon and leader of the Guardians, has spent his long life protecting all inhabitants of the four Realms, but fails to save the one who matters most. His mate. In the month since finding her feral, he’s been slowly losing control of his beast and soon he fears the dragon will reign free unleashing it’s fury upon the Realms.

Delia has changed. No longer a carefree young woman, she is now a nightmare in the making. After her abduction and torture she unwillingly houses two beasts and more power than she can ever contain on her own. She can never be released. Nor can she have the male who gives her any semblance of sanity in her new world, the one she craves more than her own freedom.

With unknown enemies on the horizon and yet another God awakened will they lose themselves in the madness of an impossible mating? Or will they come together in searing ecstasy, bonding them in a way that sets them both free?


Received an advanced copy from the author for a honest review.

Wow another great read from Setta! It started off a tad slow, but took off quite well and never looked back..even at the end! Wow!! My head is still reeling after the last chapter! The chemistry of the guardians and their mates is out of this world sexy and hot and their interactions are shower inducing! I didn't think it could get any hotter, but it did. I am glad there were happy endings to the main conflicts of mates from the last edition. Drake is the Gaurdian for me. His dragon is sexy as hell! He is such a caring loyal friend who will fight till the end for you! I can't wait for the next installment! As I said before it keeps getting better and better. The plot thickens and is more intense. Loved it! Read it!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Memory Weaver

Review copy provided via NetGallery in exchange for an honest review

Summary: The Memory Weaver

Eliza Spalding Warren was just a child when she was taken hostage by the Cayuse Indians during a massacre in 1847. Now a mother of two, Eliza faces a new kind of dislocation; her impulsive husband wants to make a new start in another territory, which will mean leaving her beloved home and her mother's grave--and returning to the land of her captivity.

Haunted by memories and hounded by struggle, Eliza longs to know how her mother dealt with the trauma of their ordeal. As she searches the pages of her mother's diary, Eliza is stunned to find that her own recollections tell only part of the story.

Based on true events, The Memory Weaver is New York Times bestselling author Jane Kirkpatrick's latest literary journey into the past, where threads of western landscapes, family, and faith weave a tapestry of hope inside every pioneering woman's heart. Get swept up in this emotional story of the memories that entangle us and the healing that awaits us when we bravely unravel the threads of the past.
I picked this book, because I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and history has always been my biggest love besides reading, and this covered both of my loves. I have heard of the Spalding’s before, and it was fun to read about Eliza; she was such a strong woman never giving up, when many women would have given up.

I loved how the romance was built up slowly and that even when Eliza knew her father didn’t approve of Andrew Warren, she still followed her heart.  Andrew was like so many young men in that time frame, who wanted to do things their way and not follow their fathers’ wishes and dreams.  When doing that it’s so easy to get caught up in the drinking and gambling. God uses people in so many ways, and you can see just what God had planned when he brought Eliza and Andrew together.

Flow, developments of characters were all spot on, I didn’t find any grammatical or punctuation errors, which is always a plus in my mind. The only reason I don’t feel this is a five-star read is for the fact it was easy to walk away and come back to it later.


Would I recommend this book to others?   YES

Would I read other books by this author?   YES

Was this a Novel or Novella?  Novel

Is the book priced correctly?  For me no as I’m a budget reader I don’t buy any e-book over 5 dollars, so to me the e-book is over priced, but I’d gladly pay the paperback price, but won’t spend the money on the library binding.  I think publishers should price more for the budget readers and not the high end people as everyone I know is a budget reader like myself as we are all on the low end of the middle class and don’t have much room in our month budgets for the more expensive books. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Crystal(Follow That Dress Book 1)

Crystal(Follow a That Dress Book 1)
By Cherrie Mack

Insta-passion and insta-love collide in Cherrie Mack's new sizzling pretty woman tale. When an independent, snarky girl from Queens crosses paths with an older uptight CEO, she tells him where to shove his attitude. Unbeknownst to Crystal, she just called her employer a dick. But Mr. Salinger needs to find a girlfriend fast. And Crystal, with her colorful vocabulary and brazen personality, fits the bill. Would she agree to his crazy scheme and play his girlfriend for two weeks?
As they delve into an arrangement based on give and take, Robert and Crystal find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Sexual attraction supersedes their age difference, and they agree on a two-week affair. The result is somewhat unexpected. She doesn’t believe in love; he doesn’t want love. But now that they’re in love, whatever will they do?


Sweet sexy quick read. I liked this book. Crystal was something else! I loved her snarky self! She was a real character though and she has her weaknesses too. The story was slightly predictable, but sweet as hell! The chemistry between her and Robert was hot. I laughed out loud when she asked him if he had a nickname and he said no, and the she asked..what do your lovers call you in bed and he responds Robert. The humor and the current trending topics of the day made the story even more real and possible. Crystal really turned Robert's world upside down. If you are in the mood for a light sexy read this will work nicely! Enjoy!

Received a copy from NetGalley for a honest review.