Sunday, November 29, 2015

Persuasion (Sons of Odin MC, #1)

Persuasion (Sons of Odin MC, #1)
By Violetta Rand

Lang Anderson may be the new leader of the Sons of Odin motorcycle club, but his personal life is in shreds. He’s struggling to take care of his three young sisters in the wake of tragedy, while rumors of drug dealing within his ranks jeopardize everything he’s built. The last thing he needs is another distraction—like a bar brawl over a woman—but Lang is a sucker for a damsel in distress. And this one gets him roaring like a finely tuned engine.

High school guidance counselor Lily Gallo is no fender bunny. So why can’t she get Lang off her mind? Lily’s head says the rugged, rough-and-tumble biker who came to her aid is bad news. Her body begs to differ. But when Lang’s troubled kid sister walks into her office, Lily’s determined to help, even if it puts her in the crossfire of a gang war. On a crash course with danger and desire, Lily partners up with Lang to fight for his family—and for love.


Wow what a great read! I couldn't put this down till I was done! 

This had everything! Hot sex, drama, love, loyalty, and friendship! Lang was a very interesting hero with many conflicts and lots of choices to make. It was nice to see him grow up in this story with his choices, values, and way of looking at things. I know he is an adult, but he sure had to change to become the man he did. Lily too had lots of growing to do. She started off weak in lots of ways, but found her footing and turned into a strong woman. The characters were well written and brought a great deal to the story.

The sex was HOT! I am talking shower inducing! WOW, nothing like a dirty talking biker bad boy! 

I can't wait for the next book! I hope it is about Tina and Vincent!

Book is well worth the price and I would have bought it.

Received a copy from NetGalley for a honest review