Sunday, September 13, 2015

Desire(Big Bear Outlaw MC romance #1)

Desire(Big Bear Outlaw MC romance #1)
By Charlotte Byrd



Jack Hart was all wrong for me. He was in the Big Bear Outlaw Motorcycle Club. I was studying pre-med. He was a criminal, and I’ve never even jaywalked.

After my mom had left, the last thing I wanted was a relationship. But then I started falling for Jack. Why did he have to have a girlfriend? Why did I have to go out with his brother?


My family ran the MC, but there was so much more to me than the MC. I was a writer and I didn’t belong. The only person who saw this was Emma.  

Why did I have to have a girlfriend? Why did she have to go out with my brother?

***Heat Level: Sensual and Hot!***

***Desire is the first installment of a 3-part Big Bear Outlaw MC Romance series. It is a short read designed to be read in under an hour, and it ends with a cliffhanger. All three installments will come out a week apart. You won’t have to wait long to read the rest of the story!

Not worth the time.  

Ok this is not a book, it is part of a book, maybe. I now it says that, but really 40 pages?!?! The characters are very flat and not even inviting, In the second chapter she goes to a party and her friend's name is Delilah then changes to Donna then back to Delilah. She likes Jack but says she will go out with Kyle. The author makes Kyle out at first to be a thoughtful In depth guy but then has him selling drugs which he seems to have done for awhile, but nervous about it! Sorry not buying it. The whole thing is scattered and blowing in the wind. It had potential, but fell on its face. I wanted it to be good. The fight between good and bad was going to be interesting...but not something that is going to call me back to read. This just seemed like scattered thoughts on a page.

If you are going to write write a whole book. I would not have bought this book .99 for 40 pages is a total rip off!! Then you want a reader to read another 40 then another 40 for each .99! Wow I would hope people aren't that stupid. So $3 for 120 pages, ummm sorry that would be a big NO.

Received a copy in return for a review.

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