Saturday, November 14, 2015

Uncovered (Colours of Love, #2)

Uncovered (Colours of Love, #2)
By Kathryn Taylor

She's fallen for him - hook, line, and sinker. Grace knows exactly how dangerous her feelings for Jonathan Huntington are, but her love for him nevertheless grows stronger each day she spends near him. Is he really as indifferent as he seems? Does Jonathan only see her as a willing plaything? When Grace tries to force him into showing his true colors, it leads to disaster ... 

I was kind of let down by this squeal. There just seemed like something missing. I had more questions then answers. The characters in the first book seemed more in depth and you could really relate to them. By midway through this one I just couldn't figure out they both seem so one dimensional. The characters didn't seem to grow or change even though they said they did. It just felt flat and not true.

The sex as hot as always. Wow Grace and Jonathan sure know how to light it up with each other! I can truly say they get you hot and bothered during the read!

I was very disappointed with the reasons behind Jonathan being so standoffish and unfeeling. I understand the guilt part but I was waiting for that connection to Yuuto. I always felt that Yuuto had sinister plans and helped bring Jonathan to the unfeeling person he became, but that never came to fruition. This was never truly explained. Nothing explained Yuuto's rash behavior at the club and why he was so upset. There has to be a connection or a reason and it never was brought out, even with Jonathan's father's connections to Yuuto's family. That was so underdeveloped and not there.

I was also disappointed in how Jonathan just changed. It was never explained where he went while Grace was in America, he just pops back in and wham a changed man.

The story was good, but not as good as the first. I would love to hear Sarah and Alex's story!

Good read but a let down after the first.

Received an ARC from the publisher and NetGalley for an honest review.

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