Thursday, March 24, 2016

Price of Angels (Dartmoor, #2)

Price of Angels (Dartmoor, #2)
By Lauren Gilley

Holly Jessup came to Knoxville in search of the Lean Dogs MC, hoping to find a killer among them. She’s spent four months cozying up to Sgt. at Arms Michael, and it’s time to make her move. 

Michael McCall isn’t in the habit of accepting contract hits, but Holly isn’t the kind of girl who chases after Dogs. She’s petrified, and infatuated, and she might be the first woman to see him for the man he is, rather than the outlaw he seems. Maybe, for Holly, he can become St. Michael at last. 

After the events of FEARLESS, the Lean Dogs can’t afford any more scandals. Michael never expected he’d be the one to bend the rules. And no one thought his feelings for one woman could shake the balance of the Tennessee underworld. 

Again I am what a read! This one though was even more tramatic then the first. I has horrified at what happened to Holly. I have never wanted revenge for anyone as bad as I wanted for her. That line of doing bad things for good is so true.

I loved this book too. Micheal is even more complicated then Mercy, if possible. I love how the author develops her characters so well she breathes life into them and you the reader becomes invested and the emotions just roll. I am truly touched by Micheal and Holly's story, because it could be real and I think that is why it hits so hard.

I love that the author pulls in the characters from the previous book and lets their stories go on. I busted out laughing at the family dinner and all the comments...again the expectation of not living up to your parents views again rings so true. I got a tad pissed off at Ghost in this one that he even considered what he did. This Shaman guy is bad news.....I hope Lean Dog justice finds him sooner then later. 

A Tremendous second book, but beware it is not for the faint of heart!

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