Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Wolf (The Henchmen MC, #3)

Wolf (The Henchmen MC, #3)
By Jessica Gadziala

He was just supposed to be saving her from herself… and the half dozen criminal enterprises that would want her blood when they realized what she had done. 

What he hadn’t planned on was her invading every aspect of his life with her fiery temper and inability to take no for an answer. And when he finally got beneath her walls and found out why she had gotten herself into trouble in the first place, he knew what he needed to do. 

He sure as hell didn’t think he would end up being the one who would need saving… 

Best of the three! Really like this one. The characters were so well developed and realistic! Yeah it took so time for them, but it needed to be that way.

Janie is something else, she is Lo on steroids! I don't think she has an off switch, but she went through hell literally so you can't blame her. I didn't think she and Wolf were a good couple but I was wrong. Her loyalty was beyond loyalty and I loved how she fought for her man not caring what the consequences were. I like how she just laid it on the line and was totally unapologetic for it. I really loved her!

Wolf, wow just wow sums him up. It was interesting and sad to hear why he talked with just few words. My heart went out to him and he was so loving and caring under all his massiveness and beard. Sweet sweet man who you don't want to piss off!

Great read! Read it! Love it!
Can't wait for Repo's story!

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