Monday, September 12, 2016

Walking Through Fire

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Summary: Walking Through Fire

Simon MacKay, the last Earl of Cleitmuir, was murdered two hundred years ago because of his family’s dangerous legacy. Alone and cursed he haunts his home in order to protect the lost treasure. A pastime that leaves him angry and embittered until he meets a feisty American Tourist. Not only is Laurel sexy and beautiful, she can also see him in his ghostly form.

Antiquities expert, Laurel Saville, leaves Chicago to visit her best friend in the romantic Scottish Highlands. She is saved from a tragic fall by the ghostly Simon. Once she realizes she is not crazy, she pledges to help him find his family’s missing artifact. A pledge hindered by treasure hunter Alex Mackenzie, a descendant of the clan that murdered Simon.

Laurel risks everything, including her life, to help Simon resolve the issues keeping him earth bound. But will she lose him forever or is there a way Laurel can keep him with her on this earthly plane?

This book is a DNF.  I didn’t even get off the first page.  The first page has three paragraphs on it and in the first paragraph, he is on WET GRANITE, and then in the third he’s trapped to LIMESTONE.  These two rocks are so totally different. I couldn’t go on.  This is poor editing at its finest; I might have overlooked  this if it had been a few pages apart, but to find this kind of error on the very first page just turned my stomach.


Would you recommend this book to others? NO

Would you read other book written by this Author? Unsure

Is this book a Novel or Novella? Novel

Is this book priced correctly?  No it’s over priced on the e-book and paperback.  I say this because I and everyone I know lives on a budget and won’t spend this kind of money on an author who is top rated or a name everyone recognizes.

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