Saturday, November 12, 2016

Campbell's Redemption: A Highland Pride Novel

Campbell's Redemption: A Highland Pride Novel
By Sharon Cullen

Like his ancestors, Iain Campbell, the Marquess of Kerr, swears loyalty to whichever government happens to be in power. Privately, however, he despises the British for the slaughter following the Battle of Culloden and finds himself playing a dangerous game of deception. When he defends a fellow Scot under cloak of darkness, Iain is wounded and must put his life in the hands of a mysterious healer. The prickly, bewitching woman saves him with her touch, though she denies Iain the pleasure of a smile from her sensuous lips—which only makes him want her all the more.
Cait Campbell has no fondness for the marquess and his political machinations. Now he makes a treacherous patient, since Cait is harboring Jacobite fugitives in her cellar. But with Iain confined to bed rest, Cait sees another side of the fierce warrior. How can she hate a man whose eyes sparkle in candlelight, a man whose voice stirs her soul? She soon discovers that he loves the Scottish people deeply—and, despite her painful intuitions, Cait is tempted to let Iain love her, too.
I just could not for the life of me get into this story. The other two were so good and pulled me in, this one was a total let down.

I really didn't care for either of the characters. They seemed to have no spark between them. I figured out who was the killer right way so there was no big reveal. 

This was a disappointment. 

Received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley for a honest review

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