Thursday, December 22, 2016

Devil's Mark (The Devil's Keepers, #2)

Devil's Mark (The Devil's Keepers, #2)
 By Megan Crane

Holly Chambless is tired of being the squeaky clean daughter of Lagrange’s holier-than-thou mayor. When her father is charged with corruption, she realizes that her whole life’s been a lie. Now’s her chance to do all the things she never dared, like scoring a job at a bar where reputations go to die, or reconnecting with the biker who sparked a secret hunger in her all those years ago. Holly isn’t a wide-eyed girl anymore—and this time she wants a taste of what has always been denied. 
Killian “Uptown” Chenier has no time for stuck-up princesses. He likes fast bikes and wild sex. Sure, he remembers Holly. He sent her running with a wicked smile and a lesson about prying eyes. And sure, she’s grown up smoking-hot, with a body he’d like to personally desecrate. But Devil’s Keepers business is real and intense. Her daddy stole from the club, leaving his pretty blonde daughter a walking target. And when Uptown takes aim at what he wants, he never misses.


This book took forever and then it ended and fast forwarded so quick I didn't know what hit me. 

The characters were interesting but I didn't seem to be able to get into them. Uptown was blah and really didn't light up my fire. Holly just seemed naive and clueless. Holly would let everyone treat her like crap and then just go along with it. 

The story fast forwarded everything. They had sex once then were married with a kid. There was a storm brewing in the MC, but there was no answers just a fast forward 2 years. was just blah.

Received an ARC from The publisher through NetGalley.

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