Saturday, April 22, 2017

Crazy for Her (K2 Team #1)

Crazy for Her (K2 Team #1)
By Sandra Owens

When his best friend and fellow Navy SEAL, Evan Prescott, died in his arms on the battlefield, Logan Kincaid gave his word to watch over Evan’s widow. But for two years he kept his distance…torn between honoring his solemn vow and succumbing to his secret love for his fallen comrade’s wife. But when Dani Prescott desperately reaches out to Logan for the help only he can give, he rushes to her side—determined to fight for her safety as fiercely as he fights against his own buried desire.

Someone claiming to be her husband is stalking Dani and her infant daughter, making them virtually prisoners in their remote country home. Logan’s elite military training and high-risk security expertise have outmatched more dangerous enemies. But the real challenge will be the burning temptation that threatens to overcome Logan whenever Dani is near…especially when she reveals her own hidden passion.


I failed again. I listened till I just had to see what was going to happen. This was the first audible that I listened to that had a man and a woman narrating.

I liked this book and it was very touching. Logan had gone through so much and just wanted to do the right thing. He got a tad annoying at times and I wanted to reach through and slap him. Honor doesn't keep you warm at night and If you are going to stand by your honor it should be for the right reasons, not ones that are based on fabricated ideas. Dani at times was so stupid and I thought she would be able to put the pieces together faster and figure out Logan's reasons faster.

The timeline boggled me at times and I wasn't sure how long Evan had been dead and the baby at times seemed to be acting too young for a year and three months. Anyway...

Good story bogged down at times, but good and the chemistry was hot! On to the next!

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