Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Highlander's Folly(Loch Moigh, #3)

The Highlander's Folly(Loch Moigh, #3)
By Barbara Longley

A brave fifteenth-century Highlander fiercely devoted to his foster family, Hunter of clan MacKintosh can defeat any man in battle. Thanks to his fae gifts, he can read the intent of his opponents and guess their next moves. But when the faerie Madame Giselle sends Hunter to the present day, he stumbles into a staged battle and rescues a young knight—only to discover that the knight is a woman, and she’s anything but a damsel in distress.

Meghan McGladrey learned martial arts and sword fighting from her father, a time-traveling Highlander himself. To Hunter’s surprise, Meghan is as skilled as any knight. When both of them are pulled back to the fifteenth century, Meghan becomes desperate to return to her time. Hunter, who is pledged to another, begins to fall for the beautiful, brave warrior as they fight side by side against a common enemy. Now, he must decide which matters more: his honor, or following his heart.

Great read...it dragged a bit and I wanted to punch a Hunter in the face throughout the story.  What a lame brained man!!

Hunter was just so stubborn not to see the truth in front of his face.  Hunter for all his strength, success, and kind hear has such issues with his upbringing and self.  Deep down he doesn't feel worthy or good enough and tends not to see the truth right in front of his face!  His family loves him no matter what.  He argues with everyone and then fate punches him right in the face!

I liked Meg and how tough she was.  I laughed out loud when she really got to see what a Scot wears under their kilts!  Meg was way different from the other female characters before her.  I liked how they brought her family back around to the story.  She I think overcame more then her counterparts True and Erin.

Our friendly gypsy/Fae had her hands all over this one...great twist and action!

Great story again started listening and then just had to read it to find out what would happen!

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