Monday, July 13, 2015

Her Stepbrothers' Demands
By Trinity Blacio

Received a copy from NetGalley for an honest review


When her mother agrees to be transformed into a werewolf to join her mate, Jasmine feels abandoned and alone, and does the only thing she can do; she tries to leave.
The fact that the man she had considered her real father’ isn’t human, but an actual werewolf, just proved that there were other beings, not human, in this world. It made her remember that her real father (who had abused her as a child), had given her to the Nightmare Man that one night (a secret she had kept hidden from all, until now).
But now that she learns that in addition to having a werewolf for a mother, she has two were-cowboy stepbrothers (who are too hot to handle), it’s almost too much to take. They were the dark cowboys of her dreams as a teenager….. Can she give in to her were-cowboy stepbrothers’?


This book had such a great start, but then it all went down the drain! There were some grammatical errors and pronouns were mixed up using his instead of hers, making things confusing at times and parts having to be reread to understand. Point of view would also change from paragraph to paragraph making it even more confusing.

Then this nightmare man was a threat and the poof he was gone. no explanation just that they went out and fought. There is no explanation fro anything, just bam and it is solved. There is just a gloss over on every topic: nightmare man brought up- dead; embezzlement accusations- kill the police; dramatic change to werewolf- totally fine in less than 24 hours when the doctor said it would take many days to feel better; upset at mom enough to run away- over it; guys' mother steals grandson- no repercussions almost oh well; and the list goes on.

For an erotic novel, there is very little of it except for the very end and no chemistry at all between them. RD was the dominant and Logan was an afterthought. This was just not a good book and I would not recommend it.

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