Monday, July 13, 2015

Pride of the Clan

By Anna Markland


Catastrophe changes Margaret Ogilvie’s life when her three older brothers drown. She undertakes a perilous journey across the Scottish Highlands seeking the protection of the man she was betrothed to as a child; a nobleman she hasn’t seen for eight years. Shocked to discover his role in the assassination of a king has implicated her in his plot to take the throne, she finds herself in dire need of a champion. 

Rheade Robertson is duty bound to aid his older brother, the clan chieftain, in his sworn quest to capture the assassins of King James Stewart. Protecting Margaret from persecution will mean defying his brother. Can he bring the murderers to justice and save an innocent woman from the executioner’s axe? Or will family rivalry and a vengeful queen destroy his hopes for a future with the courageous lass he loves?


Good read

Received a copy from Reading Alley for an honest review

I enjoyed the book. The characters were well developed and very likable . The chemistry between the lead was strong. It did seemd rushed at the end. The historical aspect was interesting and intriguing. The authors description of people, places, smells, and clothes had you right there in the heart of the story. The author was very descriptive of the older brother's lack of hygiene had me cringing every time I read his name. The subplot of if his older brother was really his brother was interesting and showed why they all treated each other as they did. I would recommend this story and the next.

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