Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Promises Kept

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Summary: Promises Kept

Victoria Eastman grew up in a Texas saloon--an experience that made her tough, resourceful, and determined to forge a new life. So she places an ad in a gentleman's newspaper. . .and soon finds herself a suitable arrangement on a farm in Promise, Wyoming. Only problem is that her would-be husband turns up dead the day she arrives.

Rancher Colt McBride is known for his true grit and business smarts. Yet when it comes to his new neighbor, Victoria, he's stumped: Who is she, really? She's lovely to look at, of course, and has proven herself a gentle soul. She's even causing him to question his staunch bachelorhood. But any kind of future may be shattered when a stranger reveals a secret about Victoria's past--one that could destroy them both. Unless, together, they can take a leap of faith--right into each other's arms. . .


This book has it all, great plot, great characters.  This is one of those rear books you start reading, and you can’t put it down until it’s finished even if that’s at 2:30 am.  Not many books keep me reading way into the early mornings.  You see I live on a small ranch and have chores to do early morning, and I’m one of those people who needs 7 to 8 hours a sleep most days, but I just couldn’t seem to be able to walk away from this story. It had me laughing at parts and crying at others, and then just plan mad that Victoria could be so blind.

Reading this story was like watching a movie in my head as I read it. I could see it and feel everything that was going on. I didn’t find any grammatical or punctuation errors, which always makes the story that much better. The flow, as well as the development of the characters, and plot is spot on.

I fully understood why Victoria had lost her faith.  I’ve walked away from fear, which isn’t nearly as bad as feeling God isn’t answering your prays or watching over you. I could feel the pain of abandonment she felt from God. I know when you shut the door on him; it's hard to see what is right in front of your face. All the emotions within this story feel so real from each of the characters.  I don’t have a favorite one I loved each and everyone and, so look forward to reading more about them in the up-coming sequel.  


Would I recommend this book to my friends? YES
Would I read other books from this author? YES and I plan to read each book in this series.
Is this a Novella or Novel? Novel
Is this book priced correctly? Yes the price listed for a paperback copy seems very fare.


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