Thursday, December 17, 2015

Shattered Lies

Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.

Summary: Shattered Lies

She wants to know the truth, but some secrets might be better left alone… Kate Thayer has a good life as a veterinarian, running the family horse farm—until she uncovers an act of unimaginable treachery by those she trusted most and learns that everything she knew about herself was a lie. Her paternal grandmother, the woman who raised her, is behind a number of devastating secrets Kate is compelled to discover. But the deeper she digs, the more betrayal she finds, changing her life in ways she could have never foreseen.


From the very first page, you are sucked into this story and can’t walk away. Each of the characters comes alive, and you slowly learn which one’s to hate and which one’s to love.  This book is an ARC, so there are some spots, which need work on, but over all this book has what it takes to be a number-one seller.

This is one of those books, which touches the heart, and opens our mind to the truths, which so many try to hide. The characters all feel so real you forget your reading a fiction story. The development of the story as a whole is complex, and you can tell the author did much research to make the story feel as real is it does.  The flow is perfect; the style of writing is very clear, which helps to make the story feel so real.

In my review, I normally go into the grammatical and punctuation errors I find, but since this is an ARC, and I expected to find some, but didn’t. I did how ever come across a few area’s, which need some work to make they flow and connect with the readers more.

Page 20 PDF format “Kate had raised the female from a foal.” Nobody who raises horses says female when referring to their horse it’s always mare. I run a small ranch where I own and board horses.

Page 46 PDF format “The foals were her fourth litter born to her in the last six years.” Nobody in the horse world would say litter… Cats and Dogs as well as pigs have litters…  to make this sentence flow and connect with the readers it should have read. “The foals were her fourth born to her in the last six years.” Just take out the word litter. Also on this page the sentence, which reads, “He was their pride of the farm – a show horse champion….  In all my years around horses, I’ve never heard anyone say it that way so in my minds and in the minds of most people who are around horses it should read. “He is their pride of the farm – a Champion show horse.”


Would I recommend this book to others? YES

Would I read other works by this Author? YES

Is this book a Novel or Novella? Nice length Novel.

Is this book priced correctly? The e-book price is alright, but the paperback book price is on the high side in my eyes, as I’m a budget buyer and won’t spend that kind of money on a book unless it was a hardback.

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