Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Georgie (Follow That Dress, #2)

Georgie (Follow That Dress, #2)
By Cherrie Mack

Georgie Randall runs from town to town to escape her past. When she settles in Amityville, Long Island, she vows to be happy alone. But when the boss' handsome son throws her kinky switch on, there's no turning it back off. As she struggles with accepting a new relationship, she learns the road to future happiness must be traveled along the painful roads of the past. It is then Gee quickly discovers that in order to open her heart and love again, she must first forgive her past sins and love herself.

Derek DeMarco wants his own niche. And because he doesn't want to follow in his father's footsteps, the two have been estranged for years. When his life is interrupted by his father's sudden illness, he is thrown together with the sassy waitress who calls his dad's bar, Diamond Lil's, home. As Derek and Georgie attempt to work together to keep the bar afloat, sparks fly.

But when Gee's past sins prey on her mind, she struggles with indecision. Will her secret drive him away? Or can forgiveness pave the road to future happiness.

4.5 stars. 
Again another super sweet hot romantic read from this author! I really loved the book! It had some missing pieces I would have like the author to have expanded on instead of just leaving up to us so I waver between 4 and 5 stars. 

I wish she would have expanded on the conversation between Gee and her dad. I also was a tad disappointed with the time when he came to her house to go have some kinky loving outside with rope! The trip there was hot and steamy, but when we got to the location....nothing!!! The next chapter picked up the next day.

I liked the message of the book. You can get your kink on and that doesn't make you a slut or a whore, you just have to make sure you can trust the person you are getting your kink on with! That is a message all woman need to hear and not have to learn it the way Gee does. 

Great read just like the first one. Enjoy it!
Received an ARC from the publisher through NetGalley for a honest review.

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