Saturday, February 6, 2016

Chaotic War (Sons of War, #3)

Chaotic War (Sons of War, #3)
By Lia Davis

While Zavier Sullivan may be the calm, reserved brother, his dragon is not. Especially since the beautiful, unorganized demi-goddess, Danielle Roberts—a.k.a Elle—moved into the mansion and into his life. She disturbs his OCD and makes him yearn for things he shouldn’t, but he can’t stay away from her. Nor can he deny her anything. Including his blood.

Ever since arriving at the home of the Sons of War, Elle has been plagued with dreams of the past and future. The visions are taking a toll, causing her debilitating headaches and ruining her sleep, but she doesn’t know what it all means. Her mother, Nyx, the Goddess of Night, has never bothered to show up and explain things to her. Until she arrives and unlocks Elle's powers, promptly transforming her into a half-daimon, half-goddess. Now, Zavier may be her only hope of holding onto her humanity, but can she bond with him after everything she’s seen? Especially in the midst of everything the Sons and their mates are going through.

Ok I have issues with this book! 
1. Way too short and the characters weren't developed like the past two. 
2. No steamy love scenes over in a paragraph 
3. It does not say it is a novella.
4. They are going to charge as much as the second full fledge novel!
5. I know it is an ARC but lots of formatting issues!

I am severely disappointed! I loved the story line and couldn't wait to hear Elle's story. It was good, but again under developed and way too short. I like Zavier, but we learned nothing about him or what made him who he is on the inside like we learned about Ty and Markus.

The publisher has to be honest and say it is not a full novel and there is no way in heck they should be charging that much for it! I really want to love this one but couldn't. I will check out the next book though because I love the characters and plot. I hope this was just a fluke!

I received an ARC from the publisher and NetGalley for a honest review.

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