Sunday, March 13, 2016

Shine (Wild Love Book 1)

Shine (Wild Love Book 1)
By Red L. Jameson

The fireman is hot—able to burn me. But still, I crave the singe.
The professor is cold—brooding with intrigue, making me yearn for more.
The police officer easily unlocks my laugh—something I thought was caged for life.

Two years ago, before my cheating husband died, he promised he'd right his wrongs--and there were so many wrongs. On his deathbed, he swore he’d send a slew of men to worship me and treat me like a goddess.

I don't know how, but my husband kept that one promise. Unbelievably, I get to choose between three men—one’s perhaps too hot, another too cold, while the other might be just right. And faintly, I can hear my husband chuckling and whispering that I don’t have to choose.

Maybe—just maybe, they could all be mine...

Three stars

Not sure how to feel about this story. It was very in depth and had a true storyline, but the sex at times was very gratuitous. 

Jane is an interesting girl, she has been through a great deal of heartache and drama. She is finally finding herself and deciding to get laid. Then she meets a fireman and then a cop; on top of dating a professor. Cool, but she turns from this meek and mild woman to this insatiable sex kitten?! Ok that is just stretching my reasonable thoughts. She states she doesn't f@ck she makes love and then starts saying the word and doing the action. Like a total 360 flip. 

The guys are way different from each other and not really sure how they fit together. All their egos are huge except for one. All have baggage except for one. Just do not seem to fit.

Interesting read, but just not a favorite. I started skipping the sex to get to the story. It's ok it's only .99 so you won't feel cheated if you get it and not like it.

Received an advanced copy for an honest review.

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