Tuesday, May 24, 2016

"All These Perfect Strangers"

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley exchange for an honest review


“This is about three deaths. Actually more, if you go back far enough. I say deaths but perhaps all of them were murders. It's a grey area. Murder, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.”

Within six months of her arrival at a university campus, three of Penelope Sheppard's new friends are dead. And only Pen knows why. This isn't Pen's first encounter with violence, and she's an expert at keeping secrets—especially ones as dark and dangerous as her own.

Reputations have a way of haunting you—they're easy to make, hard to shake. After Pen leaves her isolated hometown to escape the judgmental stares of her neighbors and carve out a new identity for herself, she's free from the stigma of her past mistakes. At school, Pen is anonymous, surrounded by an eclectic collection of perfect strangers. But when someone begins to uncover the deadly secrets she thought she'd left behind, how far will Pen go to protect her new life?

Six months later, Pen is back home, the victim of a violent trauma and a pariah once again. Now, reluctantly, she must recount her story from start to finish: to her shrink, to the police, even to herself. Because until she tells the whole truth, there will be no escaping the past.


Not only did I receive this book from Net Galley, but I got an email from the publishing company to request this book.  I felt honored to receive that email, and I wasn’t disappointed in taking a chance on this debut thriller.

This book is one of those books, which jump back in forth from the past to present time. The over all development of this book is complex and keeps you on your toes. It grabs your attention from the very first line and keeps you reading until you finish the book. You also are very shocked at how it ends.

For a book which hasn’t had it’s final editing I didn’t find any grammatical error, which take away from reading and fully enjoying a book. This is an author I can’t wait to see what the next book will be like. The over all flow of the book was delightful, the style is refreshing.


Would I read other books written by this Author? YES

Would I recommend this book others? YES

Is this book a Novel or Novella? Novel

Is this book priced correctly? YES

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