Thursday, February 16, 2017

Prince Not Quite Charming (Morning Glory, novella)

Prince Not Quite Charmimg (Morning Glory, novella)
By Liz Talley

A city girl can survive… 

Or at least that’s what New Yorker Frances Genovese hopes when she agrees to stay in Morning Glory, Mississippi for a few weeks after her brother’s wedding. Though she may not know much about small-town living, she does know a thing or two about the new restaurant her brother’s building. But she didn’t bargain for a big country boy naysaying her vision. And she darn sure didn’t expect to be so attracted to the infuriating contractor. 

Clem Aiken knows two things: what it means to be a country boy and the target market for the new eatery. When he and Frances clash on her ideas, he figures there’s one thing to do – teach the sophisticated beauty what it’s like to live in a southern small town. Frances reluctantly gives Clem three days to change her mind about the restaurant design. After all, how hard can it be to bait a hook, fry chicken or go honky tonkin’? 

Opposites attract in this warm, fun novella set in Morning Glory.

Short sweet lovely 

Great as always. 4 1/2 stats

Sweet read about growing into yourself and trusting your heart! I kinda wish it was longer. I wanted to hear more about Clem and if he fixed things with his family. I also wanted the talk between Frances and her dad. I guess that is why I couldn't give it 5. I know I am picky.

Clem was sweet. I really like how he would look at a situation and see what was needed. It was almost like he had a second sense of things. Frances bothered me at first but she just echoed what every girl goes through. I want to be independent, but I want to be taken care of too and does that make me less of a woman. 

Loved the end it was so fitting for both of them.

Holds me over till May. Can't wait for the next installment!!!

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