Saturday, May 7, 2016

Bear the Burn (Fire Bears, #2)

Bear the Burn (Fire Bears, #2)
By T.S. Joyce

Quinn Copeland is starting fresh in a new town where nobody knows about her past. Chronically shy, she is determined to find her courage at her new job at the town veterinary clinic. But when a stoic stranger catches her in a moment of emotional turmoil, she learns that even the toughest looking men can have warm hearts. Unfortunately for her, Dade Keller keeps his secrets close to the vest, and what she doesn’t know about him could kill her. 

Dade doesn’t feel anything. Not until he finds a mousy vet technician huddled in a corner crying. Human, submissive, and shy, Quinn couldn’t be further from what he would need in a mate. The Breck Crew is in the middle of a crisis that will alter their fate forever and throw their loved ones in the crosshairs of the human public. The last thing a woman like Quinn needs is to be weighed down by what he is, but his reluctant attention to her doesn’t go unnoticed, and keeping her out of harm’s way isn’t possible anymore. 

With their deepest secrets exposed, Quinn will have to find her bravery and decide if Dade’s fight is now her fight, too. 


Happily surprised again! 

I really like this story too. I the characters are really interesting and even in the shortness of the story you really can relate and have feelings for them.

Dade is sexy as hell. He has a heart of gold even when he doesn't express it quite right. I loved how the author showed his vulnerability without making him weak. He loved so hard and so deep even when he didn't know it was love. Again sexy fireman that please a lady!!

Quinn was a interesting lady that went through a ton of heartache. Like she told Dade. She is a heck of a lot stronger then she looks! No dumb choices and put yourself in danger moments for her so you can truly love her. She is a true survivor!

Great read. Got to see the whole bear crew again from the first book! Enjoy! On to the third installment

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