Saturday, May 7, 2016

You Don't Own Me 2 (Russian Don, #2)

You Don't Own Me 2 (Russian Don, #2)
By Georgia Le Carre

The conclusion to Zane and Dahlia's story.

The sexy Russian, Zane, has taken my heart, but kept his intact.
I never knew a man like him existed, let alone that I would become part of his life. A man who can make a girl's heart pound like a freaking drum by his presence alone. He's the reason for the madness my life has become.
The more we are together the more my heart and soul cries out for him.
Olga says I am the one for him if I can learn to fly.
Now I wake up each day with only one thought.
Fly Dahlia, Fly ...

Dahlia Fury was the perfect toy. Beautiful, sassy, sexy.
I thought I could immerse myself in her flesh. I didn't expect the taste of her sweet nectar to become a drug in my veins.
Now I'm fighting hard to keep control.
She has no idea that there's nothing more I want than to be with her. She carries a lamp into my darkness and makes me feel alive in ways I've never felt.
I can leave the life of crime and be anything I want to be, she tells me. Maybe she's right. Maybe all I need is a reason.
Maybe the reason is her ...

A fantastic ending. I read till I was finished. The only gripe I have is that the author should have taken parts one and two and just made a single book. You buy the book thinking it is going to be the whole book and it's not. Any who.....stepping off my soap box.

I LOVED this story. Great, powerful, sexy, dramatic read. The characters were great and pulled you in. Zane's backstory was heartbreaking! Dahlia stayed by her man and he returned the favor. Zane's transformation was touching and well deserved on his part. Daisy and her theory of Karma holds up!

The drama was high and I truly wasn't sure what was going to happen. Dahlia's friends were so wonderful and helped the story along! I adore this author and I will read more of her stuff!


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