Sunday, September 25, 2016

Burning for the Dragon (Fated Hearts Club, #1)

Burning for the Dragon (Fated Hearts Club, #1)
By Cecllia Lane

A reluctant ruler...
When his brother is killed by a dragonslayer, Luca de Rege becomes the unexpected heir to the Dragon Throne. Used to answering only to himself, he’s now responsible for finding a mate and ensuring that the rapidly-dwindling dragon shifter population doesn’t go extinct. He doesn’t have high hopes for his visit to the Fated Hearts Club… until he spots the curvy temptation sitting at the bar.

A woman alone...
After a shattering betrayal, Penelope Minett has given up on love. Though a friend talks her into attending an event at the Fated Hearts Club, she’s resigned to a life of solitude. The last thing she expects is for an impossibly sexy, irresistibly charming billionaire to sweep her off her feet.

A desperate attack...
Just as her defenses start to melt in response to his fiery desire, a threat from Luca’s past takes aim at the throne by targeting Penelope. He’ll stop at nothing to rescue her and claim his mate -- but will he be in time to stop a cruel, relentless enemy from destroying their future?

I liked the story at first, but then it just lost its gusto. It touched on so many topics, but then just brushed over them. The villain needed more explanation and development and how could she kill a royal? For being a "Royal" Luca sure didn't have the characteristics of a ruler or a dominant. He never seemed to take charge and if there was a hierarchy like explained then none of what happened should have.

Oh did have cool dragon shifters and hot sex!

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