Sunday, September 25, 2016

Finding Gavin (Southern Boys, #2)

Finding Gavin (Southern Boys, #2)
By C.A. Harms

Gavin was a broken hearted cowboy from Savannah...

The one she fell for even though he tried to warn her away.

Maria's entire life had been one rejection after another, always going after things that were just out of reach.

Gavin was no exception.

She wanted him, so desperately...

But life had a way of making things unattainable, at least for her anyway.

Just when things began to change, once again the darkness glooms, and Maria finds that her happy ending is again...


Great story. I really enjoyed it. The characters grew in every way and the love was all over this book.

The topic of adoption was wonderful and made the story even better. Gavin was wonderful once he got his act together. He was warm loving and caring, everything Maria needed. Yeah I just inserted myself as her since we share the same name. Too bad she and I don't look anything alike.

Great read I will definitely read the next one! Enjoy!

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