Sunday, September 25, 2016

Lord of the Runes (Viking Lord, #1)

Lord of the Runes (Viking Lords, #1)
By Sabrina Jarema

Following his father’s murder, Eirik Ivarson plunges into a maelstrom of brutal warfare. As outsiders threaten his homeland and all he holds dear, Eirik vows to maintain his focus and avenge the jarl’s death. In his quest for revenge, he will leave everything behind, all he knows, and all he loves.

Asa Sigrundsdottir, a spirited shieldmaiden with warm brown eyes, is wary of the golden-haired warrior discovered half-frozen in a storm. It is clear Eirik is a man of valor, bestowed with the gift of reading runes and destined for greatness. And despite the shadows in her past, he chooses her to help him on his journeyBut when their bond is tested, it will take the strength of a hero to keep their love alive . . .

I started out really liking this story and then winter set in and it dragged like no tomorrow. I mean like longer then the winter in the north....boring.

The plot was very predictable. The terrible thing that happened to Asa was terrible, but not something that should have made her feel so damaged...but who am I to judge. I just didn't feel the pull between the H and h. There was little romance between them....insert yawn.....

I liked the mystical part it was interesting. The story was full of Norse history and culture.

Received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley.

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