Thursday, July 23, 2015

Duty, Honor, Love

Duty, Honor, Love
By Angela S. Stone


Cameron Olsen believes in three things: the duty to his badge, the honor of being a police officer, and the love he has for his partner.

As a member of Toronto’s elite Special Investigations Unit, he has the privilege of working with Jaden Black, a powerful but naive telepath. As they hunt down a child rapist and killer, the case takes an unexpected turn, Cameron questions his badge, his profession, and who exactly his partner is, and what she’s been hiding from him


Not what I thought

Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.

This book was alright. It had plot twist and the telepath stuff was interesting. It just seemed like something was missing, like a story before this one. I couldn't get into the characters much because it felt like I didn't know them and many times it felt like they didn't know each other. I wanted more background on everyone and the main hero was very much lacking in depth because you really couldn't get into him because you had nothing vested in him. A story about how they met or how he got into being a detective would have helped so the reader could see his motivations behind his actions. The crime part was dark and sometimes hard to read.  

There was more m/m action then anything else, it did include the rest mentioned but the main focus was m/m. That was fine but the author started the story about a f/m relationship and then it switched to a m/m then we hit into a ménage that just didn't seem to work. in a ménage they all should have attraction to one another and shared love that was not expressed here and the woman seems to just be a side bar. I was disappointed.

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