Friday, July 24, 2015

Taking Control

Taking Control
By Jen Frederick

In their secret world, unspoken wishes for pleasure come true…and the allure of glamour and passion can easily disguise a deadly secret.
After a tumultuous riches-to-rags childhood, Ian Kerr decided to spend his life focused on making money—and it’s paid off. Then he meets sassy, smart-mouthed bike messenger Victoria “Tiny” Corielli, and he wants nothing more than to introduce her to his world of elite luxury…and enticing desire. But a businessman as ruthless as Ian always has enemies lurking in the shadows—the kind of enemies who violently claimed his parents and are willing to use Victoria as a pawn in their deadly game.
Plucked from her lowly walk-up apartment and financial struggles into a glittering world of wealth and privilege, Victoria is almost overwhelmed…and almost delirious with insatiable desire for Ian. Then sensuality turns to serious peril as Ian’s rivals—and the people Victoria thought she could trust—close in, putting her in jeopardy. Torn between the temptation of carnal passion and the terror of unfathomable danger, she discovers that the dark side of suddenly having it all is knowing you could lose everything.
Revised edition: This edition of Taking Control includes editorial revisions.


Recieved a copy from NetGalley for an honest review

They say a sequel is ever as good as the original, but this is not the case.  Now I did like Tiny's POV in the first book her snarky humor knew no bounds, but Ian's had benefits too.  Again Ian and Tiny's interactions are beyond hot and shower inducing.  The bind of friendship is strong and shows how noble Ian really is.  Ian's love for Tiny know no boundaries and is so admiring that I had to fall in love with him.  Some may call it possessive or obsessive, but no he just has pure love for his Bunny and it shows in everything he does.  I am glad Ian gets his revenge without dis honoring himself or others!  The spin on the plot at the end was somewhat surprising, but I did ponder it at one time.  Great story!  Loved it!  It would be great if she writes another with Kaga and Sabrina!

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