Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Secondhand Smoke (Dartmoor, #4)

Secondhand Smoke (Dartmoor, #4)
By Lauren Gilley

Real life. It isn’t sexy. Isn’t pretty. There are no alpha bad boys. No easy outs. No Hollywood soundtrack. Real life hurts like hell and tastes like the grit between your teeth. And love…love always bears a hefty price. This isn’t a biker romance. This is love and war in the world of the Lean Dogs MC. 

Aidan Teague was born into the Lean Dogs Motorcycle Club, a third generation outlaw with big biker boots to fill. A perpetual screw-up and playboy, he’s never taken life seriously. Until now. 

If his accident a year ago was a wakeup call, then a jolting revelation from his latest lover is a life-altering shock. It won’t be simple, but it’s high time Aidan came into his own. With the club on the brink of a new war, beset by enemies old and new, Aidan must find the strength to lead, or risk everyone he loves. 

Secondhand Smoke is the fourth full-length installment in the Dartmoor Series, and is NOT a standalone. This is a work of literary fiction, so readers should expect lyrical prose and an emphasis on character development and realism.

Again a tremendous story! This again has everything you can ask for: hot sex, drama, action, revenge, tears, love, growth, tragedy, motorcycles, leather, sacrifice, and love.

This again is not for the faint of heart. There is some stuff that will make you cry out for vengeance. 

Aiden finally got his story. I had a had time trying to find what I liked about Aiden. He was so into himself and immediate gratification. I felt sorry for him and his relationship with his dad. Now there is someone who makes it very hard to like. I am glad Aiden stood on his own feet and made a stand for his friend. Aiden grew up a great deal throughout and you can feel his climb.

Sam what a beautiful person. I kinda felt she was pathetic at first and oh so desperate. She too also grew throughout and found herself and what was right for her. She supported her man no matter what.

We got to drop in on all the others too. I like the drop ins it keeps the strong stories alive and it's great the author doesn't let us forget them. 

Tango...I hope and pray in his story he find happiness. Out of all of them he deserves it he has earned it :(

Great read can't wait for more

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