Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Skeleton King (Dartmoor, #3)

The Skeleton King (Dartmoor, #3)
By Lauren Gilley

His club brothers call him the Money Man. Vice President Kingston Walsh is one of the most trusted members of the Lean Dogs MC. He’s thoughtful, quiet, and he’s all business. Who better to serve as guardian of the club’s skeletons?

He never counted on the girl, but he’s not letting her go. She has skeletons too…

Emmie Johansen has worked at the same horse farm all her life, and when the owner decides to sell, she’s crushed. Briar Hall is about to be sold to real estate developers, and she’s about to be out of a job, a home, and a purpose. 

Enter Walsh, and the Lean Dogs MC. Emmie thought losing the farm was the worst possible scenario. But when the club buys Briar Hall, and keeps her on as manager, she begins to unravel the farm’s dark secrets… and learns the true meaning of “outlaw.”


Great read again, not as spectacular as the last two, but it was decent in its own right.

Again lots of action and plot rolling around. This one got a tad twisty and the bad guys didn't seem as bad, but still interesting.

Walsh wasn't one of the guys that stuck out to me so I was surprised the story was about him. We had less darkness and trama this go around. Walsh's story is definitely tamer then the rest. He is really just an ordinary joe. 

Emmie I liked, very strong character. She kinda succumbed to everything a tad to easy for me. She seemed so set in her thinking, but moved away from it. I liked she didn't take crap from Mags who is a tad overbearing at times. 

The Shaman guy...humm....Tango has a story too.

Aiden is going to have his hands full next book and I hope he gets his head out of his fifth point of contact!

Great read!

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