Thursday, September 3, 2015

Heartthrob Series Box Set Volumes 2 & 3

Heartthrob Series Box Set Volumes 2 & 3
By Sophia Knightly

He swore he'd never forgive her. But now someone wants her dead.
Dr. Ian MacGregor knows better than to get involved with Natasha White. The tempting heartbreaker has a way of getting under his skin, but he couldn't live with himself if anything happened to her. 
Sweeping her away to his Highland castle, Ian becomes her fiercest protector as he vows to safeguard her against the mob who will stop at nothing to eliminate her. He'll guard her till the end, even if that means giving them a second chance at love. 
As passion intensifies between them, Ian and Natasha must face their darkest secrets, secrets that bring them closer, but may threaten their newfound intimacy. Natasha is hiding more than Ian realized.
But he has secrets of his own...
She's the last person he expects--or wants-- to see again. But this time, can he resist?
Alec MacLeod is shocked to find Kate Hayes at his sister's wedding, but damn he's missed her. His ex-wife's unforeseen arrival in Scotland makes him suspect she's up to something.
There was a reason they parted the first time and Alec is determined not to get pulled in, but seeing her again ignites a desire so intense, he's tempted.
Kate wants something so desperately, she’s willing to swallow her pride and plead with her formidable ex-husband for help. With time running out, she must convince the dominant Highlander to agree with her unusual request.
They need each other more than they know, but can they put past hurt behind them, even if it could change everything in their world as they know it?


Heart Melter
This book was ok.  I had a hard time with Dr. Ian.  He just seemed cold and arrogant.  Even when the author made him kind it just didn't seem right.  He was possessive, but I didn't find it thrilling and admiring, I found like it was an obligation or she was just another piece of art to have on his house.  He treated her like a child most of time and she was incredibly naive for someone who grew up around Broadway.  The sex between them wasn't shower inducing and at the end I just skipped over it.  

Hear Tamer
Ok this story was just so out there!  Ok you go to your ex's sister's wedding to ask him to give you sperm for a baby!  REALLY!  That is just totally outrageous!  Then you have sex all night long say you're still in love and he just gets up and leaves on a "mission"  doesn't leave a note or message.  Then you find out you're pregnant only after two weeks?  Help!  This story needs a huge dose of reality!  What a waste of time and brain cells!


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