Friday, September 4, 2015

The Bite of Winter(Love Bites #1)

The Bite of Winter(Love Bites #1)
By Lauren Smith


She is theirs to claim. They are hers to save.

Zoey Blake is about as far down on her luck as she can get. A car crash took her parents, leaving her destitute and on the street. When she’s attacked by another homeless person, her lifeblood drains away as her fading vision is filled with the face of a handsome stranger.

Ian Kennedy, a century old Irish vampire, never could resist rescuing a stray. As a few drops of his blood heals Zoey’s wounds, he realizes she’s a sweet, tempting, flesh-and-blood woman. But there’s one problem. Connor, who made Ian promise decades ago: no more mortal lovers.

After another vampire murdered his soulmate, Connor O’Shea swore never to let amortal woman pay the price for loving him. Until he feels Zoey’s skin and tastes her lips.She makes him want to break that vow.

Zoey finds herself caught in their web of seduction. But as Christmas draws near andher grief deepens, happiness seems far out of reach. And Ian and Connor join forces to prove their love is sacred, special…and forever.


This book was good. Interesting take on vamps. I really don't see where the series is going to go. It just seemed all wrapped up. I was looking forward to a really hot ménage but it really was unremarkable and not really a ménage. It was a quick read. Really no conflict and kinda just blah. I think it could have been better, but I really don't know how to suggest to make it better. 

Received a copy from NetGalley in return for a review

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